Wednesday, January 20, 2010

18 Weeks

18 weeks and getting bigger by the week.  I'm feeling great and really enjoying this phase.

This week's belly shot is from Kerry's view when he stands behind me and looks over my head.  He calls this the "$100k baby front property" view.  As you can see, I can no longer see my little size 5.5 feet without leaning over a little. Right before he took the picture, he tried to pat my sweater flat thinking it was sticking out.  He then realized that bump is all belly.  He said; honey, you're huge, are you sure you should be this big already, should you go see a doctor?  LOL!  With my uterus being the size of a cantaloupe this week and being short-waisted, where's he expecting all my abdominal organs to go?  I agree I am big, but not to the point of needing to have a doctor check me out. What do you think?

I did have to buy a few maternity items as I'm starting to get uncomfortable in my regular bottoms. I bought some hubby-approved low riding underwear, loving them! I also bought my first pair of maternity jeans with stretchy material that covers your entire stomach, loving them too! So comfy!


Occasional heartburn and feeling full all the time.

Urinary incontinence!!! With the extra weight sitting on my bladder and the hormone relaxin, I now pee when I sneeze/cough. Well more like a quick squirt. I started taking the crossed-legs stance any time I feel one coming on and that has helped significantly. I also decided it was time to start doing my kegels which I quite frankly don't enjoy.

The other night, Kerry and I were in bed watching tv and I took a big chug of water. It went down the wrong pipe. I threw the bottle of water and jumped to the floor. I was on my knees choking horribly, dry heaving and had tears pouring down my face. Kerry was behind me patting my back. After the episode, he asked if I was ok. I said no, I just peed my pants!  We laughed hysterically and then I peed some more!  Kerry said he's going to get me some Depends. ;-)

Still haven't felt the baby move yet.  Come on Seven, shake it baby!

Thank You's:

Thank you for all the comments/emails with help on boy names and bedding!!  As of now, we gave up on the chocolate/blue theme and have found a good possibility in a giraffe theme.  As far as names, keep the suggestions coming.

Thank you Jessica in AZ for the (50 lb !!!) box of boy items, you rock!!! I insist on reimbursing you for the s/h, so it's on its way. =)

Thank you Alexa for the surprise gift at my door, that was so sweet of you!

Up Next:

Anomaly u/s in 6 days!


  1. I look forward to your updates all week! So funny to read your stories-- I am totally lol at your pee-pee episodes! Mental note... start kegals now!!
    Wondered if you had found any patterns/themes for the baby's room yet... I'll have to take a gander for some giraffes! So cute. And boys names, huh?! I have that one covered for me... are you looking at a certain letter/initials, or just what suits your fancy?
    Glad you are feeling good... and I LOVE the bump. Not too big, it's just right for your petite body! You are right, there is no place else for those things to go, but OUT! So stinkin' cute.
    Love to you, Kerry and Seven!!
    The Other Jill

  2. That's a pretty darn adorable bump you have going on!

  3. PS I read through some of the comment suggestions for names. I have to say to those who suggested Sevin or Seven...have you NOT SEEN SEINFELD?? The kid would be tortured! Or maybe not, since Seinfeld would be ancient history to those kids. I'm just pointing that out...

  4. Yeah, I could never actually name the kid Seven as he would be mortified to have to explain where he got that name. "I was embryo #7 in the CCRM lab." I don't think he would appreciate that too much, lol!

  5. Your bump is so cute!! I too suffered from the sneeze=peeing incontinence so I know where you're coming from girl :). I was horrified the first time it happened too but you seem to be taking it all in stride. Yes, Keigels would probably help you so get squeezing! Good luck with finding more names and if I find anything inspired that is somehow linked to a meaning of seven without being too obvious, I'll post it for you!

  6. What a cute picture, and that bump is adorable! Again, I can't say enough how happy I am for you both! You three!

  7. Hi Jill...
    I can hardly believe how big your tummy is already! That's my gramson!!
    That was very nice of Jessica to send all those clothes... very sweet for the surprize gift too.
    I am so happy things are going so well!!
    I can't wait til my birthday this year!! This will be the best birthday present ever.
    Love you as big as the sky,

  8. Wow, seven's got quite the haul of cute stuff already. Lucky you!
    I don't think you're big. You don't have a 6' frame to hide that kid in. A nice big belly has to be a sign of a thriving happy big baby, I'd say. Hope he starts kicking you hard enough to feel soon!

  9. Bump!!! I love seeing your growing belly pics :)

  10. Your bump is adorable! About the pee-sneezing...that happened to me a few times early on and now all is fine...I think it changes during your pregnancy and may get better. If not...yes, I definitely recommend Kegels - annoying but helpful! They are also supposed to help reduce tearing during labor, so get to it!

  11. Awwww, I don't think you belly looks THAT big. It's just adorably plump. =)

    Soooo sweet about all the great gifts you've been receiving!

    Now do your kegels! =)

  12. Cute bump....where's the "side" view of that bump girlie?? You are NOT big.....I sent you my pics at that stage and I was quite a bit bigger and I'm taller:-) You look just perfect!!!

    I can relate to the peeing your pants thing....just wait until AFTER you have the baby.....after giving birth, it's usually a life long thing....mine was bad after having baby #1 and now worse after baby #2:0( I can't cough or sneeze without peeing myself and I did kegals religiously with BOTH babies.

    Awesome that you're getting so many boy thing.....wish I could contribute but Boy #2 is inheriting Boy #1's clothes:-)

    love ya!

  13. Such an adorable belly Jill! And sometimes I pee a little when I sneeze too, and I'm definitely not pregnant! ;-)
    So glad to see you are doing so well!


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill