Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two Weeks Down!

I've been noticing that others ahead of me (waiting on their CGH results) have been getting their results at just under 5 wks. So wow, maybe I won't have to wait a full 6-8 wks afterall! But that still means another miserable 3 wks to go. Ahhh!

This last week was brutal and I am beyond relieved it's over with. On top of my full time job, I put in 67 hours to finish my college course. My final exam, which covered 14 chapters, was Monday. It was proctored and timed. I go to the library for my finals and normally they give you a private room, but since they are under construction and all of the library tables were full, they stuck me in the periodical room where you can hear a pin drop. My frantic flipping through pages was about the volume of a jack-hammer in that room.

I was given 3 hrs. All answers were essay type. I wrote as fast as I could and at some point, my hand literally would not function because it was cramping up so bad. I can type crazy fast, but completing this with old technology (pen & paper) slowed me way down. It looks like I started the paper and the kindergartner at the next table finished it. Within an hour I had to tinkle so bad but was unwilling to give up 3 mins of exam time as I needed every spare minute. Then this elderly gentleman sat right beside me at my table and smacked his gums every few seconds. For anyone that knows me, smacking noises will drive me to the brink of insanity. We don't eat together at my house unless there is a tv or radio on providing background noise. Why me, why out of all tables did he have to sit next to the crazy girl frantically taking a timed exam who comes unglued with mouth noises? =)

The librarian graciously gave me an extra 20 mins to finish, so after 3hrs 20mins, I was put out of my misery. I ran straight to the tinkle room where my poor cramped up hand could barely unroll the toilet paper. Thank God, I am DONE!!!!! For now...

I have 4 more classes to go to finish my Bachelor's degree and after what I just went through, I don't know when I'll have it in me to take another class. Oh why didn't I finish this crap when I was younger? These are online classes; no class room time, no lectures/videos, no interaction, basically no teacher, no accountability. But they do make sure you learn the material thoroughly via assignments and exams. I've found that teaching myself the concepts by book with one deadline (the end of the course) just isn't my learning style. At this rate, hopefully I'll graduate by time I'm 80. Maybe I'll be the one smacking my gums at the last exam. I just need to press through. I can do it! Now I wait for my grade, more waiting.

So after a stressful IVF cycle, hormone crash, college and waiting for results of my 4 embabies, I've found myself living on comfort food. I'm telling you, I've eaten nothing but junk, junk and more junk!

Pizza, chips, candy, cookies and lots of yummy MSG. But at the top of my list, the following 2 have been a staple, a neccessity.

Yep, good ol' Chef Boyardee! Canned, processed, MSG, microwaved food!

Oh yeah baby, Ben and Jerry's! Not just for dessert, no mam, I'm talking breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Thanks to my friend in AZ who turned me onto Ben and Jerry's! Yeah, you know who you are! Now I'm going to be as big as you before I even get pg! (She's pg with twins, so it's ok to say that)

I have consumed all these flavors in 2 weeks: Triple Caramel Chunk, Americone Dream, Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road, Cherry Garcia and Pfish Food. I've already got Kerry trained to surprise me with a new flavor everytime he comes home from the store.

What is wrong with me??? I'm totally anti-junk food, anti-MSG and even anti-microwave! I have got to get a grip! Someone please talk some sense into me, I need to be preparing my body for an embryo, not for The Biggest Loser.



    The only thing we have allowed here on this little kiddie ride is CHOCOLATE. LOL

    Love you


  2. That last line really cracked me up. I think that's what you do at some point with all this TTC craziness, is crack up! There are worse things than eating Ben and Jerry's. Eating Chef Boyardee out of a can shows you really need some help! We'll give you a pass since you had a hell of a week. Congrats on finishing your final!

  3. OMG, I haven't had Chef Boyardee since I was a kid. Ahh, the good memories! I hope you aced your exam and that you ace your CGH results! Can't wait for three more weeks to go by:)

  4. Uggg girlfriend....I don't know how ANYONE could eat canned ravioli....ick!!! Nothing wrong with splurging a bit on junk as long as you don't stay in that mode. OMG....Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey is the best thing in this entire world to put into one's mouth!!!

    Good job on putting one more class behind you....don't let yourself lose that's ONLY 4 MORE CLASSES.....stick with it and you'll be so happy you did!

    I can't WAIT to hear that report on your embies.....hurry up 3 weeks!

    love ya!

  5. Hi Jill,

    You just need some of my good cooking and leave the junk alone. (you taught me that)!

    Hope that you are more relaxed now that the school is out of the way for now.

    Won't be long and your report will be in. I can't hardly wait.

    Love, Mama

  6. Ben and Jerry's! You are welcome!!!

    Glad that you finished your finals! Now you can totally drive yourself insane on waiting 3 more weeks!

    Call anytime! I just sit at home on the couch eating ice cream since I'm not allowed to do anything else! :)

  7. Ben and Jerrys is great stuff. I used to live in VT and would drive the half hour to the factory just to buy their factory discarded seconds (that sometimes were tossed b/c they had too much stuff mixed in = yummmmm). That's health food!!!

    2 weeks down. Your results should get here soon - they seem to be pretty fast lately. But the wait is rough. I have fingers and toes crossed for you!

  8. Nervous eating, I see. I see. But I totally get it. It is like munching on popcorn during a horror movie!

  9. You have to try the Coffee Heath Bar Crunch...mmmm...that's not a helpful suggestion though is it!? ;) 5 weeks would be awesome...
    Smiles, Heidi

  10. So glad you made it through the hand-cramping-gum-smacking-bladder-hurting final!! Wooohooo, it's over!!! Don't worry now about the next four courses, it's summer for goodness sake!!
    I'm with Cathy on the canned ravioli, but hey-- you're allowed whatever you want, just not forever, k? I highly doubt you are anywhere near the realm of Biggest Loser, and probably wouldn't be at 9 months preggo!!
    Just be sure you can still walk to the mailbox without getting winded and you're fine. ;0)
    Will be watching for more up to the minute reports. I love checking your blog.
    The Other Jill

  11. First of all, thanks for posting the convenient picture of all the of B&Js flavours! This is very helpful to me b/c icecream is one of the things I can eat right now :-). Congrats on putting the exam behind you, ugh, it sounds stressful. How long until you get the results? So now you're waiting for two sets of results. Yep, the CGH results have been coming back at 4 weeks lately and you're next on the list now. It may only be a couple more weeks for you. I have everything crossed for some nice results! Oh and I agree with the others: STEP AWAY from the canned ravioli!

  12. Oh I love junk food and does my gut, my butt and the stores I shop at! I can only speak for myself...I've always eatten ANYTHING & EVERYTHING I liked and wanted and now I know at age catches up! Now just the thought of it puts pounds on, but I say "oh well." I think I've already covered this subject with you so you gotta do what you gotta do and I think you're doing great! Congrats on accomplishing everything you set out to do. UR awesome! Love always and a day-Aunt Kook xoxoxoxoxoxo

  13. Your exam sounds miserable on so many accounts. It literally made my bladder hurt. I am sure you kicked ass in the class. (-;

    Huge congrats on the 4 great embryos to test. I can only imagine what kind of wait you are in right now!!

    Mmmmmm, ice cream. (-;

  14. Oh geez - Sue's comment about the Ben & Jerry's factory seconds cracked me up! Imagine that - too much chocolate in the ice cream??? Okay......!

    Sounds like you had a crazy week but in a way, I'm gald you were very busy because it keeps you from dwelling too much and time goes by quicker. You're so much closer to getting your results now than you were last week so hang in there!!

  15. Not long to go now! I think it is totally fine to indulge a little. You have been working so hard.


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