Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Four Weeks Down!

Today is 4w1d and I'm doing surprisingly well, still sane. I'm well prepared for my call. Well, prepared to actually pick up the phone and say hello, not for what they might say. The cell phone is fully charged and always within ear shot, I practice remaining calm every time it rings and I have my list of questions ready for when I go blank.

I talked to my nurse as I requested to get started on the FET since it's a 6 week process. The prep starts with BCPs on cd3 and I'm about 9 days away from that. At first she wasn't going to let me start before my results are in, I was not too happy about that. My cycles are pretty long after 4 IVFs and to wait for another cycle would put me doing the transfer end of Sept. Guess what that means? My one-day workup would be expiring and we would have to pay another $3500 to repeat that. No thank you!

Her reasons were that my results could take up to 8 wks and it wouldn't be good to have to keep me on Estrogen longer than required. Well I nixed that, I'll be at the 8 wk mark before I would start Estrogen. The other reason was what if I don't get any normals back, I would have nothing to transfer and I would have done the prep for nothing. I told her I'd take that risk.

She finally agreed and sent me my tentative FET calendar. Good gravy there's a lot of drugs for a FET! Looks like my tentative transfer date would be Aug 11. I'll post my calendar when time comes.

In other news:

Happy Birthday Mom!!! Love you as big as the sky and have really been enjoying our weekly mother-daughter time! Next year I'll make you a grandma, I promise! Hmmm, how many years have I said that? ;-)

Some of you may remember me mentioning my 93 yr old grandmother, the funny one... well it's been a rough week for her. To make a long story short, here's the short run-on sentence version. She went to the hospital for bad stomach pains, they thought it was appendicitis, they did laparoscopy, found her appendix to be fine, removed it just in case, cut into her to do some exploratory, couldn't find anything other than a little scar tissue. The surgery caused her a ton of pain, she was extremely bloated, couldn't eat/drink. A few days after surgery she was helped to the bathroom, felt like she was going to faint and did. Her heart stopped. They performed CPR on the bathroom floor, got her heart going, put her in ICU on a ventilator and sedated her.

It scared the living day lights out of all of us. They couldn't really find any reason for this, her heart looked really good.

Yesterday they took her off the ventilator and have drained several liters of fluid out of her stomach. She still has a tube in through her nose and into her stomach, but she's awake and doing good. She's already cracking jokes. Here's a few of her one liners:

* Austin peeked under her covers to see how full her urine bag was and she says; You're a boy, you're not supposed to look up my skirt!

* We showed her the tube that's draining fluid out of her stomach, the fluid was green. She says; Oh goodness, I'm molding.

* Out of the blue she starts belly laughing hysterically, the entire hospital bed was shaking. We asked her to let us in on the joke and she says; I'm making bubbles, you might smell something.

Today she was able to walk around for a little bit and we are so blessed that we are getting more time with her.

To my dear sweet funny Betty Boop. I love you so much and so relieved that you're still here with us. You always tell me that I'm beautiful and that you love me to pieces. The first thing you said to me at the hospital through all your pain was; you're so pretty. My Betty, it's YOU that's the beautiful one!

Betty Boop and I:

Can you believe she bowls?!?!

I want to be just like her when I grow up!


  1. I hope your grandma has a fast recovery! Always thinking of you and awaiting results!!!

  2. Your grandma is the cutest. I hope she recovers soon. She has such a great sense of humor and they are usually the strong ones!

    Sorry your results are taking a while but I'm really glad they are letting you start the BCPs for your cycle. August will be here before you know it.

  3. I'm so glad that CCRM is letting you get started...waiting is the worst!

    I love your grandma! Thanks for sharing pics of your mom and grandma:)

  4. Yeah, there are a lot of meds for an FET, but nothing like an IVF cycle!! Good for you for being your own advocate!

    I love your grandma's wit and humor. You are so lucky to still have her around! I hope she's feeling better soon and gets out of the hospital!

  5. Thank you so much for the beautiful post about one of the most important women in my life. She has taught our family so much but the most important is to love each other and tell them every day. I was always a "Grandaddy's girl" and when we lost him 13 years ago I thought my world was turned upside down then. I have grown so much closer to Grandmomma over these years and my world actually stopped Monday morning when i got the call from Mom. She lights up everyone she meets and always leaves them with a smile. So thank you God for more time.
    And thanks Jill for adding her to your blog and sharing our special lady with your friends.

    Love you


  6. Oh yeah, and I guess we don't have too much more time on this little kiddie coaster. Maybe a few nice hills would be good. Don't know if I want anyore than that. Have kinda gotten used to this easy coasting. LOL

    Love Ya

  7. Hey Jill and Family...I'm glad Kerry's Grandmother is doing better...she seemed like a very lively little thing when I met her in 2007 during Thanksgiving dinner, she had a great sense of humor and was so lovable and sweet. I will pray for her speedy and full recovery.
    I'm still praying and hoping you and Kerry are blessed with a baby. Your strength, faith and patience are amazing!
    Thinking of you all, always and a day!
    Aunt Kook

  8. Hi,

    I just came across this blog while searching for late fertilization and when I read you were going thru IVF #4 with CGH, it was as if I was meant to find you today. I'm considering this on my IVF #3. The similarities between us strike a chord in my heart. I started TTC in 05 and then in 07 held off on ART treatments hoping to get pregnant naturally. Began the ART journey in 08 with 2 failed IUIs, 2 failed IVFs and 1 failed FET. I'm in between cycles and can so relate to the gorging on junk food. It was as if I was let out of fertility jail :)

    Seriously, I'm going to read your blog front to back now and count on me being a frequent visitor! Good luck with your transfer post CGH.

  9. Jill... thanks so much for birthday wishes...this was a nice surprize!!!! I too enjoy our mother/daughter outings and going to church with you. Love you as big as the sky too..and then some. And I am sure you are going to make me a grammy...and can hardly wait. Mama

  10. This was such a sweet post, Jill. I'm sorry your grandma is having some issues, but can guess she is at 93 based on all that feistiness she has. Too cute!! I hope she is up and back to bowling soon.

    I hope your results are in soon!!! I can't imagine the wait! Good for you for insisting on starting the protocol before the results are back!!

    *good thing for spellcheck - results not resluts. LOL.

  11. Thanks for all your support Jill.

    I'm so glad you've already made it four weeks into this wait--any day now, any day!! I have a very good feeling you will get some great results and then it's the fast track to BFP!

  12. Lovely post...4 weeks...not many more to go! Praying for you!!!

  13. I can totally sypmathize, I'm on my 4th IVF, and no one can understand WHAT you actually feel going through this process. Found your blog this morning and it was a pleasure to read. I'm on my 2WW now, 2 transferred, 1 IUI MC 8wks 2007, 2 chemical between Jan and March 2009. Tried new drugs, new doctor and this is the end of insurance...lovely. But, still trying to stay positive...don't you love when you're reminded of such? I wish you the best and will keep positive thoughts sent your way...

  14. Thanks so much for the sweet things you said about Betty Boop. I don't think it will be long before she can read what you have written. She is improving each day, and we are so thankful we still have her with us. She has never lost her sense of humor,even when she was in ICU.,as you well know.haha
    She really appreciated all the visits with you and Kerry& Austin.
    Love you bunches,
    Jean and Crew


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