Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Sending out a Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in my life.

To my Dad: Though the miles separate us, you're never far from my heart. It's been 1yr 5mo since I've seen you and I miss you soooo much! You have always been there for me and made sure I was happy and provided for. I have so much of you in me it's crazy. I'm sad that you've stopped reading my blog because you will most likely never see this message, but in case you do, I'm shouting out to the entire www, I love you dad!

To my Step-Dad: You've been in my life since I was 4. I'm proud of who you've become. You never fail to smile when I walk through the door. You give me a big bear hug and a kiss on the forehead every time I arrive and depart. The years have done you well, from a mean old fart to a kind old heart. Love you!

To my Father-in-Law: You have such a sweet spirit. You never fail to show your love. You always work your way through a crowd to make sure I get a big hug squeeze and tell me how proud you are of me. I'm proud of you too! Thanks for producing such a great son!

To the Father of my Step-Son: The way you love your son completely, unconditionally, through all the good and bad, is nothing short of amazing. You raised a son that loves people, serves people and has an incredible kind heart, just like you. Well done!

Also to the future Father of my child: We have been through the wringer trying to bring this child into reality, no doubt about that. This trial has only made us stronger and our love deeper. I love how much you want to have a child with me. You tell me you can't wait to see our child in my arms. I too can't wait. There's no doubt in my mind that you will once again be an amazing father. (Lord, please give this man a baby soon, his teenager is getting too big to cradle!)

I am so blessed to have 3 amazing dads here on earth and an amazing father in heaven! Love to all of you... Happy Father's Day!


  1. Looks like you have a lot of great men in your life!! You're a very lucky girl!!

  2. I wish I was your Dad Jill....that was very nice to read about all the men in your life who have their special place...very touching.
    Love Aunt Kook xoxoxoxox

  3. What a sweet, sweet message to all the men in your life......they should feel soooo honored to have YOU in their lives as well!!

    love ya!

  4. Jill that was a very nice surprise... I forwarded it to Butch. Very sweet..and we are proud of the woman you have become! Love you as big as the sky, Mama

  5. This is very touching. Thanks for sharing all the dads in your life. For me, I especially like how you included your step-dad, being a step-mom myself. I always kinda consider myself not really a mom and therefore a failure. I know it's not really like that, but still. I think you understand.

  6. Jill, I am just wiping away my happy tears - that was such a beautiful, heartfelt message for all the dad's in your life. I reckon they are pretty lucky to have you in their life.I too look forward to seeing your baby in your arms!
    Love, Angie

  7. what a gorgeous post. i love it! it makes me happy for you. :D

  8. All the men in your life are very fortunate to be a part of your life. They are blessed each day.
    Love you bunches,
    Ray,Jean and G-Momma


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