Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've Been Tagged (10 Honest Things)

I've been tagged by KayJay and Fasionably Infertile to list 10 honest things about myself. So here goes, the top 10 random things that came to mind first.

1. I have the best in-laws EVER!!! They don't come any sweeter, kinder or more compassionate, period. Thank you for producing such an amazing son!

2. I am a choc-aholic! A meal is not complete until I find chocolate. I will search high and low. I'd probably eat the ex-lax if that was the only chocolate left in the house.

3. I love water and it's all I'll drink.

4. I'm an internet junkie. Kerry teases me that my life comes to a complete halt if the internet goes down. This photo is during bedrest following IVF#3's transfer. I bet you anything I was trying to find success stories of transferring 3 embies on day 3.

5. I'm a wide open book. Nothing is too private and I will share any and every detail with you. I'm sure many of you have winced or blushed at some of the things I blog about.

6. My cat has a hard plastic kiddie pool for a litter box. Kerry has been cleaning it for over 3 yrs now because it's not good for a pg woman to clean it. About once a month he makes a trip upstairs, camps out on a stool and fishes for turds.

7. I wanted to marry a guy no taller than 6-ft and Kerry wanted to marry a tall woman. I guess we can both scratch that off the wish list as I'm 5'1 and he's 6'5. But we have fun making it work.

Notice the step stool?

Our first dance:
Oh, I just noticed my dad in the background... Hi Dad... I love and miss you tons! I've had tall women seriously get mad at me for marrying a tall guy. Sorry tall gals! Kerry always says that if you put us together, we average a normal person.

7. Kerry and I are brutally honest with each other. He can tell me my arse is getting huge, I can make fun of his belly rolls, he can tell me I look homely, I can tell him he needs to whiten his teeth. We check each other for food in our teeth, bad breath or body odor. Amazingly we laugh through it all and never get offended.

8. I used to be irrationally needle phobic. If I even saw a needle come near me, I'd freak out, panic and sob. I'm now proud to say that I've given myself 162 injections and have had countless blood-draws. I can even watch the needle now. Gee, thanks IVF for giving me such a gift!

9. Bodily functions crack me up. I think God was showing us his funny side when he designed us to pass gas. Just fart and I laugh hysterically. Here's a video of Kerry and I goofing around, you'll see that I couldn't contain myself when I mistook his pants ripping for something else.

10. After 3 years, a vasectomy reversal and 3 failed IVFs, I still have hope each month that I might actually conceive on my own.

If you found this fun and would like to do your own top 10, consider yourself tagged.


  1. OK that dancing video puts ours to shame! Seriously, you guys are too cute.

    And I'm with you completely on #10. I wish I weren't, but then again, to live without hope would be pretty crappy, too.

  2. I love this "10 honest" thing that is going around...I feel like I get to know everyone a little more.

    You guys are totally cute - and I can relate to the height thing...I'm 5'2" and Alex is 6'1"...I often stand on our stairs to give him a peck :-).

  3. I am so glad it's the weekend so there is not so much of a crush of people trying to get in on the one computer at the hotel - I loved reading your list!!! I cracked up so many times with the ex-lax, your photos and video. You two are such a cute couple and so full of life! This 10 honest things has been so much fun to do and read about. #10 - me too, totally. I totally get that one.

  4. I loved your answers. Seriously though, please tell me you did NOT get married standing on that stool the whole time? Speaking of wedding, please e-mail more wedding pics....I've never got to see any of yours:0(

    I second what everybody said about you guys being so stinkin' cute together!!

    Love ya!

  5. This gave me the laugh I needed this morning. Love you and can't wait to see you three soon.

  6. Thanks for the compliment, we couldn't have found a more precious daughter-in-law. I agree that you two do make a cute couple,have a lot of fun and enjoy being together. Still believing in a miracle.This gave G-Momma a good laugh.She enjoys reading your blog too.
    Love you bunches

  7. What cute pics and video! Man, if I could dance like that...well, I can't so no use dreaming! I enjoyed watching your list and I have an iamge of your DH sitting on stool scooping out turds, love it!

  8. Noah600, no, I didn't stand on the step stool the entire time. Right after the pastor said "you may kiss the bride", he stopped us, put a stool in front of me and said "let's start this marriage off right". It was pretty funny!

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments!!!

  9. Oh my gosh, I love the pics and especially you with the TWO laptops at your bed. What the heck was that about?!

    And the stool at the alter was hysterically funny.

  10. Great list! You guys are great dancers! oh, and I am the example of what happens when all the short girls marry tall guys, lol, and there are no tall guys for the rest of us! I am about 2 inches taller than Brett! At our wedding, I wore ballet flats and he wore dress shoes, which made me only about 1/2 inch taller:-) And, I never thought I'd date a guy who was even an inch taller than me, let alone one shorter! But, I'm definitely not complaining!!! (I never liked heels anyway).

  11. You are great dancers! And as a tall chick (5 11), I don't mind you having a tall dude cause I got my own. Ha ha ha. Loved your scraps.

  12. I love your list! I was smiling the whole time while reading it. I am so glad that you have such a fantastic relationship with your husband. I totally agree that laughing is the best therapy, I am so happy that you still laugh.

  13. Very funny! I am very immature about farting (I get that from my mother who has now started farting in public at 59- I told her that was too young!)
    I am 5'3" and wanted to marry some at least 5'7" so I could wear heels. My husband is 5'6(almost) and for the first 2 years we dated I wouldn't wear heels over 1 1/2 inches. Now I don't really care.

    Finally, I am reaching out to my fellow bloggers to introduce my non profit, Parenthood for Our mission is to provide financial and emotional support to those starting families through adoption or medical intervention. Please visit our website and blog and pass the link on. Thank you for your support. I look forward to reading your blog
    Erica Schlaefer

  14. This was a great list! I totally cracked up at the wedding photo of you standing on a stool-hilarious! And, I'm an internet junkie too and frequently look just like you with my laptop in bed. :-) Thanks for sharing your list!!

  15. I love your list! You guys are so full of life and fun. You are an inspiration to me. No matter how hard IF gets, we can still have fun with the ones we love.

  16. I nominated you for another award!

  17. I can't believe I missed this post!!! I loved the video. You and your DH are adorable. Soo funny. I am also very proud you got over your needle phobia. We almost do not have a choice. Keep hoping hun....thats what gets me through the day.

  18. Jill - how frustrating that you don't have integrin results yet. When I filled out the paperwork that went to the lab, I listed Dr. Surrey as the ordering doctor (and the doc who would get the results).

    I called CalPath about the test. Don't be shy - call them and ask them if it was done and which doc it was sent to (I asked it to be sent to Dr. Surrey and my personal Gyn who actually did the test). The girl at CalPath was so ridiculously nice that she actually called me the day the test results were faxed to CCRM and left me a voicemail to alert me. That triggered me to call CCRM to let them know it had arrived and to let me know the outcome. My nurse emailed back within the hour that I was "positive" for the integrin and all was well. And then I went to see my Gyn for my regular annual pap this past Wednesday and he gave me his copy of the test for my file.

    I hope you get this information soon - it's so darned maddening not to know. I know :)


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