Monday, February 2, 2009

New Color

While I do have good days, it seems that I've had way more bad lately. I just feel like I'm in a tailspin and can't get a grip. All my life, if there was something I wanted, I worked hard, sacrificed, did whatever it took to succeed. I don't mind working hard for something, but IF has kicked my butt. I can't seem to conquer it no matter what I throw at it. I can't even buy my way out of it.

I feel like I've completely lost control of my entire life and it has put me in such a funk. I've been finding myself trying to control other areas of my life, areas that I shouldn't control. I think I'm subconsciously trying to find solid ground. It's causing conflicts, it's making things worse. Can I please get off this ride?

Today I found something safe I could control, hair color! I gave Kerry a few blonde highlights on top. He was a good sport!

Then I taught him how to color gloss my hair. I went much darker, darkest I've ever had my hair. Whatcha think?


  1. I love your color!! Just love it - it's so shiny and glossy! Beautiful!

  2. Uggg.....I wish I had a magic wand right now.....I would zap you out of that funk!!!

    I LOVE your's absolutely drop dead gorgeous!!! You are soooo beautiful and it makes me SICK!!!

    love ya!

  3. You are blessed beyond measure with Kerry (as he is with you also!) Both of you look fantastic with your highlights and hair color. I just have one question.... If I want to get my hair colored, who do I ask? You or Kerry??? hahaha. You are the greatest, and will rise above all your challenges with flying colors. You are an inspiration to me. I may not have the same challenges, but your strength gives me strength.

  4. I'm sorry that you have been feeling a bit down, and out of control lately. I also have had the same experience. IF is the one and only thing I have ever encountered that I haven't been able to beat.

    I think that your hair is gorgeous!

  5. I Love this color! Which one was it you used? Kerry looks good too. :)

  6. It looks gorgeous! Very rich. Sorry you're having more bad days than good. It's so hard. Hugs.

  7. I love the color! It looks great! I am glad that you guys did this, it sounds like you had some fun.

  8. Wow! I think you look beautiful! (and Kerry looks good too:-)). I think you look good in dark and it is such a pretty color!

    I'm sorry about this horrible IF. It is the most painful thing I've had to experience so far in life(that last m/c was so so painful) and really makes you change fundamentally and question things in life you never would have. Hugs.

  9. I love the color! It looks beautiful. Great choice!

  10. Huge hugs, hun. I wish I had an answer as to how to break out of that funk. I completely understand the working harder, doing more thing. IF just can't be "controlled" and we feel so out of control.

    I lurve your new hair color!! It totally makes your eyes pop and it looks so glossy and smooth. Nice job!!

  11. Love the hair, darlin'! For both of ya! Praying the cloud, or maybe storm leaves you soon. It's good that you're recognizing where you are at-- that is half the battle, but you will make it!!!
    Keep in touch,
    The Other Jill

  12. I've only just met your blog but I have to say that is a beautiful hair color choice. It looks so pretty!

  13. Ha! If only I knew the secret on how to get off this ride... But seriously, I'm sorry you're in a rut. I know what that's like all to well.

    On a lighter, or should I say 'darker' note lol - I really like your new hair color - very pretty on you. :)

  14. Love the color!! You look fantastic! I hear ya on the work hard thing...that's all I've tried to do, too. It is so hard. Hope you have much brighter days ahead! ((HUGS))

  15. Took a break to go to Lyndsay's for her birthday (oh yeah it was yours too) HAPPY Birthday again! and while there pick up Rachel's wedding dress, but I'm back on the coaster with you. Ready for some of those great downhill rides aren't you? BTW: Love your hair,looks great and so does my brother's locks.
    Just keep your focus, you will conquer this and I'm proud of you for looking for things that you can control. It will take baby steps and remember one step at a time. Whatever I can do to help I am here for you always.
    Love ya

  16. I just back to reading your update.I really enjoy the info you put in there. Love your hair color,really looks great,good color for you.Tall Dude looks good too.
    I'm proud of you for looking at the situation from a different prospective. You all will make it.
    Love you bunches,
    Jean and Crew


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