Wednesday, March 19, 2008

IVF Class

Today we attended our IVF class. Talk about overwhelming! To walk in and see all those syringes was surreal and very scary for someone who is extremely needle phobic. The class was 3 hrs, they went over the entire procedure, how to take the meds and how to give injections. We got to practice on a fake belly. I practiced way more than anyone else in the class because I knew this was it, the next time it would be on me and I wanted to be good at it. The IVF nurses came in and talked to each couple individually about their personal protocol. They chose the Microdose Lupron Flare for me due to my high FSH. They are pulling out the big guns on me and putting me on the max dosage of 600iu/day of FSH. When I'm ready to proceed, I just call the clinic on cd1.

These are all the syringes. All of the lupron/FSH/trigger needles are very small and given in your tummy. The big one at the top is the progesterone in oil shot that is given intramuscularly in your rear by your hubby. NOT looking forward to that one!

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