Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tyler: Week 7

August 4-August 10, 2010 (6w-6w6d old)


BFing is going really well, just dealing with very long nursing sessions.  Tyler loves the boob and would be happy to stay there all day if I let him.  Because of that, I hadn't been able to tell when he's done feeding.  We found a way to determine if he's still hungry or full and pacifying himself.  I hand him to Kerry and if he fusses and sucks on his hands for at least 2 mins, he's not done and I continuing nursing.  If he's content and happy, he's done.  I take him off sooner and sooner and I'm finding that he's satisfied a lot sooner than expected.

I'm happy to report that there's no more pain with nursing!  Boy are the boobies going through some transformations though!  I've gone up a cup and underband size.  My nipples remain more erect now... lovely!  While Kerry thinks it's rad, I'm thinking more pain in the rear as now I have to wear super padded bras to dim the headlights.  The nipple also seems to be tougher, like they're callused.  I'm dreading what these babies will look like when nursing ends and they deflate!

Now that I have a more established supply, I've decreased the pumping after nursing from every time to an average of 3x/day.  I just have to make sure I pump more qty than what I supplement with in order to keep a supply in the fridge.  I also found that if I'm going to pump after nursing, I have to make sure I do it right afterwards and not get distracted with other to-do's or it interferes with having enough for the next feeding.

Tyler seems to still be in his growth spurt as he's hungry all the time!  Every time I turn around, it's time to nurse again, according to him.  He's feeling heavier and heavier, so I know he's gaining.

We started using the Medela special needs (aka Haberman) bottle.  It's worked really well as we can adjust the flow rate just by turning the bottle while in his mouth.  It simulates the breast best.  All other bottle nipples have too high of a flow rate and makes him choke.  I think he got this from me though as I swallow down the wrong pipe and choke all the time.  So I guess he got my hair color and choking fits, that's it!

If you're BFing, I highly recommend the My Brest Friend nursing pillow!  Love it!


When it rains, it pours... or at least leaks in our case.  We bought some Huggies Pure and Natural size newborn as we were almost out of diapers.  13 out of 13 leaked!  That's 13 outfits he went through in 1.5 days!  I compared them to Pampers, Parent's Choice and Fisher-Price newborn diapers and can see why. The absorbent material in front is 1.5-2" shorter than the others.  I called Huggies and they are having me send in 2 diapers at their expense to review them.  They also sent me a voucher for a new box of diapers.  I bought the Pure and Natural in size 1 and they are much better.  They are a little too big on him, but they don't leak.  So far they are my favorite disposable in size 1 compared to Huggies Snugglers and Pampers Dry Baby.

With all the leak issues, I decided to start cloth diapering this week.  While they are still a little big on him, they are fitting a lot better.  Here's the initial results so far:


Thirsties Duo Pocket size 1:  1 worked well, 1 leaked right away
Thirsties Duo Wrap size 1 with Stay-Dry Insert:  2 major leaks, 2 small leaks

This was one of the major leaks

So Thirsties aren't doing so great.  I really thought these would be my favorite dipes as they are very trim, super easy to use and very cute.  I'll keep trying and see if I can figure out what the issue is, but so far, they need to get a little more thirsty.


Baby's Got Back!

FuzziBunz One-Size Pocket: 1 major leak

I didn't try this diaper more than once as I just don't like it.  Seems many people love this dipe but I'm just not with them.  For one, I hate the snaps.  It takes forever to get this diaper on compared to velcro and I can't get as nice of a fit.  The butt on them are huge on my little guy, so maybe he's just too small for these at this time.  I'll give it another chance once he's gained some more weight.


BumGenius AIO size small: 16 worked well, 1 leaked right away, 1 leaked but was very saturated
BumGenius 3.0 Pocket:  3 worked well

I am LOVING BumGenius!!!  They are made very well, are super easy to use, and most importantly, they work!  They totally out perform my other stash.


You have to use cloth diaper friendly laundry detergent as most standard detergents contain ingredients that leave a residue on the dipes that cause the material to repel liquid.  My first go was GroBaby Tiny Bubbles.  Since I have nothing to compare it to, all I can say is it seems to work.

Diaper Ointment:

Same as detergent, you have to use a cloth diaper friendly cream that won't coat the material and leave it repelling liquid.  I've been very lucky in that I haven't had to use any creams on Tyler since he hasn't had a rash to date.  But I have Grandma El's and GroBaby Magic Stick on hand for when time comes.  These seem to be a couple of the favorites out there.

Cloth Wipes:

We have to wash the diapers anyway, so why not throw in the wipes with them and save some more money!  We use BumGenius flannel wipes and Quilter's Nappies.  Both work great.  I have an all natural solution in a spray bottle so I just spray the wipe, clean the baby and toss in the pail.  Super easy and gentle on baby's butt.

Diaper Pail:

It seemed that all diaper pails out there got bad reviews, so I decided to forgo the diaper pail and went with a standard trash can.  I got the Mainstays stainless steel trash can from Walmart.

I have a short one for disposable diapers and a tall one for cloth.  I have it lined with a Planet Wise diaper pail liner, which I highly recommend!  I have 2 liners so I have one in the can while the other is in the wash.  I just dump the entire contents into the washing machine and toss the bag in with the wash.  This trash can/wet bag combo has worked fabulous!  I love the step pedal and it contains all odor.

Tyler Update:

Tyler is brighter eyed and is getting chubby cheeks.

He sits with assistance and with his bobble head, he looks all around and makes funny faces.  It's quite hilarious and entertaining.

He likes to look up and stare, not sure what he's looking at.

He's on the verge of smiling.

When he wakes up, he makes little noises and kicks me until I wake up.

He's definitely going through a growth spurt.  He's now weighing 8lb13oz to 9lb according to the postal scale.

He's starting to spit up occasionally, but still only a couple times a week.  I think it only happens when he eats too much, or too fast, or lays down too soon afterwards.

He sounds off in stereo now.  His favorite combo is the burp-fart and cough-fart.  It makes mommy and daddy laugh so hard!

Show and Tell:

He literally punched himself!  Those crazy arms, LOL!

Chatting with Daddy

Waking up from a nap

Oh those silly faces!

Grammy, Mommy and Ty

Auntie Sheree meeting Ty for the first time

Passed out with paci

Sporting his Winnie the Pooh robe after bath time

Sporting ear muffs at church (the music is thumping loud!)

Crashed after nursing

He always sleeps with his hands at his face

His serious look

Daddy long legs!

Mommy squeezing every last ounce out of her favorite outfit

Ty and his paci, inseparable!

Spending some time with Daddy before bed

Having a good conversation

Taking a nap with mama

Video:  Flapping ears


  1. Precious! Precious! Precious!!!!!!! I love all the pictures, especially the one that says daddy long legs!!! LOL. His face is priceless! He is getting so big!

  2. The Winnie the Pooh picture is my favorite :) I am LOVING these updates! He is such a great little baby! You should post some side-by-side baby pics of Tyler and your hubby so we can compare!

  3. Jill, Tyler is so gorgeous, but I think you know that! He is growing so much and you have taken to motherhood like a pro! Enjoy.

  4. Such a doll baby!!! Sounds like he is getting BFing down like a champ, with the weight gain and pure enjoyment. :0)

    LOVE seeing all of the pictures-- he is so sweet. All of the new facial expressions and learning new things... quite a talented young boy-- two sounds at once!! ha.

    Thanks for sharing a peek into your world and all the great info! AND, it's nice to see your pretty face again in the pics! :0) Looking good, Momma.

    Kisses for Ty ty. xoxo
    The Other Jill

  5. He is so sweet and snuggly! I love the little faces he makes!!!

    Okay, I've been debating the cloth wipe thing, so now you have to tell me what solution you use. When Teagan got the rash after the formula switch over, I was running to the bathroom, putting warm water on a baby washcloth and doing that repeatedly which made me realize I really don't need disposable wipes, but it would be a lot easier without the extra trip to the sink!

    I'm glad all is going well. It looks like you are enjoying mommyhood! (I secretly agree with your diaper review...though I am liking the fuzzibunz almost as much as the bumgenius now that she is bigger, but you are right about the snaps, and it gets harder when they start rolling around more).

  6. Such great pictures! And he is probably so much bigger even now!

    I'm so glad to hear th BFing is going well, it is reassuring to hear that BFing can work out even with a bumpy start.

  7. I'm glad BF is getting better and better for you....keep up the good work!

    Love all the pics...he's changing daily I bet...he already looks totally different than he did as a newborn. He is sooooo scrawny like my guys...LOL

    I think it's cute how babies sleep with their hands up by their faces...I was told it's because they are so crammed in the womb that they just get used to having to put their hands by their faces and they continue that habit for quite a while afterwards.

    Too cute about the paci....both of my guys were paci addicts...LOL

  8. You have a beautiful boy there Jill and Kerry! I love the pictures, he is adorable! I found the diaper info interesting...someday I may find it useful for my latter years-lol! I'm happy that you guys are so happy...yea, life IS great! Thanks for sharing! Love Aunt Kook :)

  9. Jill,

    He is an absolute doll!! I am so happy that you are enjoying motherhood so much. You are so detailed and organized in your methodology. Quite impressive!! As for the girls.... enjoy them while you can! Lol. They tend to be in need of repair after you stop BFing. The good news is you can always buy new ones. ;-)

  10. Hi! I love all the pics...but I have 3 favorites...daddy long legs, Winnie the poo robe, and his serious look! I love and miss you..be home this weekend!
    Love you all as big as the sky, Mama

    PS don't forget about hair appt Sat... Tell Tyler to get ready for some serious squeezing!

  11. i am so glad you like bum genius! one of my close friends is designing for them. i am so glad he is getting a little chub with all of those inches.

  12. Love all the pics. It seems like a month since we have seen him. He is really changing and looking more precious all the time. Can't wait to hold and squeeze him again soon.
    Glad feeding is going better for you and him.

  13. I can't get over how much he looks like Kerry!!! Tyler is just adorable and I loved looking at all the photos. The one with your favourite outfit - my girls have the exact same one in pink and they're wearing their outfits right now! I'm finding your experience with cloth diapering very interesting and it's neat to see your perspective along with Sue's.

  14. I love the pictures and updates! I have been away from your blog for quite a while, for sort of obvious reasons, but have kept you in my thoughts. Thanks so much for getting in touch with me on the new site and now hopefully I'll be ready to follow along with your blog in more earnest. It looks like I have some catching up to do!

  15. So adorable! Glad things are going so well. We have the same Thirsties...love them!


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill