Monday, August 9, 2010

Tyler: Week 6

July 28-August 3, 2010 (5w-5w6d old)

Well Visit:

Tyler had his well visit on July 28 at 5 weeks old.

Weight:  7 lbs 12 oz - 5th %tile (up 12 oz from 2 weeks ago)
Length:  21" - 21st %tile (up 0.5" from 2 weeks ago)
Head Circumference:  14" - 4th %tile (up 0.5" from 2 weeks ago and obviously doesn't have my big ol' head)

The doc was happy with this progress and said to keep continuing with what I'm doing.  He said even though Tyler is a little guy according to the percentiles, as long as he doesn't drop and keeps up with his current rank, he's doing well.  I asked about this sleepy matter he's had in his eye for several weeks and he said this is very common in newborns and that it could last for up to 6 months.  Yikes!  He said to do warm compresses every time he wakes up and to massage the tear duct.  His next well appt is at 2 months.


Now that Tyler's latching well, I've been working on nursing him in an upright position.  It's going well.  Sometimes he latches right on, when he can't due to his arching reflex, I just lay back, get him on and then sit back up.

Nursing sessions run an average of 40-60 mins, with middle of the night feedings taking the longest as Tyler is out of it and takes forever to latch.  I'm still switching boobs every time he starts to drift off or pacifies, but this really hasn't decreased our feeding time yet.  It is so much faster to pump and bottle feed (15-20 mins total), but I'm not ready to give up and believe it's just a matter of time.  It seems that all other problems eventually worked themselves out, so shall this.

In the mean time, to help me get a little more sleep, I started using a bottle for the 1st middle of the night feeding.  Before I go to bed, I prepare a bottle with breast milk from the fridge.  I don't even have to warm it since it will be warm by time he wakes up to feed.  I just go to bed, wait for him to wake me, change his diaper, stick a bottle in his mouth, go pump and then back to sleep, all within ~25 mins.  Much better than ~1.5 hrs!

I've read that most babies go through a growth spurt at 6 weeks old and this little one is right on target, he is hungry all day!!!!  It is so exhausting keeping up with his pace, but it's just temporary and the only way I'm going to produce more to meet his growing needs is to have him demand more.  Demand away little baby, I have the rest of my life to catch up on sleep!

Kate and KayJay:  Yep, I do have a hands-free system, couldn't survive without it.  I have the Medela Pump In Style Advanced double electric pump and then I use the Simple Wishes Hands-Free breast pump bra, which I highly recommend btw.  Also, I only get 2.5 oz every 3 hrs if I pump only.  If I nurse and then pump afterwards, I get about 0.5 - 1 oz.  Thanks for reassuring me that he's getting enough, I needed to hear that!  PS... kudos to both of you, KayJay for managing this with twins, I don't know how you do it, and Kate for sticking with this despite everything against you!

Tyler Update:

We tried out Tyler's play mat and so far he's really not interested in it or toys yet.  He's just like daddy, he prefers boobs!

He's growing out of more of his newborn outfits (lengthwise only).  So sad!

He's more alert and interactive.  He makes the funniest faces but we're still waiting on that first intentional smile.  I know it's just around the corner.

He's starting to make little noises, though I wouldn't call them cooing yet.  Again, I'm sure it's just right around the corner.

His eye muscles are still developing.  Every once in awhile he'll go cross eyed, especially if what he's looking at is too close.  Occasionally his eyes will wander in different directions.  Now that freaks me out and I tell him, stop that!  I researched it and it's completely normal as they're still learning muscle coordination and should disappear by 12-15 weeks.

Show and Tell:

One of my silly faces

Stop with the close-ups mama, it makes my nose look big!

Wow I'm handsome!

Not quite interested in toys yet,
I'd rather have this knuckle sandwich if I could just get it in my mouth!

 Out cold after the all-you-can-drink midnight milk buffet

Grammy loves Tyler!

 Good bye duckie sleeper, time to retire

Big Sister Sharon getting in some cuddle time

Alyssa holding Uncle Tyler

Mama Update:

I don't know what the deal is but my belly is just getting fatter and fatter!  It has to be because I'm not eating often enough and my body is just hanging onto everything I take in.  Oh well, I have much better things to concentrate on these days.

I had my 6 week checkup.  I was TERRIFIED of having the internal exam!  I've had the lady bits under lock and key ever since delivery.  I'm relieved to report that all is well, it didn't hurt and best of all, everything went back to normal!  Whew!  The midwife asked what I'm planning on using for birth control, I just laughed.  Are you kidding me???  I am birth control!


  1. Good job on the breastfeeding! It is soooo much easier to pump & feed. I had to resort to that this time around and even though I was sad about it at first, it did let me get a LOT more sleep. Good for you for having the positive attitude about it all:)

    Wow Tyler is changing soooo much....his little face has changed a LOT! I know how sad it is every time they grow out of another size of clothes:(

    Now, how is Sharon related to you guys? I've seen you mention her several times being Tyler's "sister"?? How would that be?

    I've heard about women gaining weight and keeping it until they are completely done with breast feeding....quite common.

    I remember the eye booger thing...Cameron had blocked tear ducts a lot worse than Brayden did and it lasted several months....Warm wash cloths helped but not just took time to all work itself out.

  2. Such a great report!! Glad that Ty is getting the hang of BFing and is gaining weight. Whew- relief for momma, I'm sure.

    He just keeps getting cuter-- I love all the pics! You are right, that smile, those coos and intentional responses are just around the corner... Then you won't remember what it was like NOT to have him making noises and interacting!

    Of course everything went back to normal!! Your body was made for this task, Momma! ;) I am sure I'll be just as apprehensive as you, though... Birth control-- the middle of the night feedings and lack of sleep are pretty good for now, eh!? :) One of these days... wink wink

    Have a wonderful week!
    Love and hugs,
    The Other Jill

  3. Thanks for the update on little Tyler! He's absolutely adorable and those pics are so cute! He is *so tiny* looking in the photos where Kerry is holding him all tucked up in his shoulder but he is doing so well.

    I bottle feed the middle of the night nursing session as well for the exact same reason you do - we can get both girls changed, fed and get back into bed in a half hour and that is so much faster than BF both. It will get better and you're right that this is only temporary so hang in there as I know you must be so tired. 3oz in a session is AMAZING at where you are and even the fact that you can still get some more out after Tyler has nursed - well moo to you (lovingly said from another moo)!

    Yeah birth is completely irksome to me that I even had that same conversation with my doctors. Oh the irony of it all...but the thought of trying to manage the girls while pregnant and then throwing another child into the mix...I'm just not that strong. Hope springs eternal doesn't it? The irony though...

    You're doing great Mama though and you're right - you have the rest of your life to catch up on sleep :)

  4. I died laughing every time I went to the OB and they lectured me about birth control. I was like "look at the chart, 7 IVF's, I will never use birth control again.". Anyway, Teagan's eyes did that cross-eyed thing for a long time, whenever she looked at anything really close up. It cracked us up (and freaked out daddy a little)!

    He is such a cutie!!!! BTW, you definitely take after your mom!

  5. So glad to hear he's latching better and gaining weight well. You're one dedicated Mama!
    They asked me about birth control at my follow-up too. All I said was that it took 4.5 years and 2 rounds of IVF on top of a bunch of other stuff to get us our daughter, so if we were to by some miracle get pg naturally, I'd be very happy. They didn't say anything else. :)
    Keep the updates and the oh-so-cute photos coming!

  6. You inspire me. I am so glad you are recording all these details. :-) He is such a cute baby! funny faces he makes too. LOL


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