Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tyler: Week 5 (1 Month Old)

July 21-July 27, 2010 (4w-4w6d old)


BFing has continued to improve each day.  We're both still learning, but Tyler's latch is so much better and we haven't resorted to the nipple shield once.  I'm not sure what makes the difference, but one session Tyler latches on immediately and goes to town.  Then the next session his head bobs up and down like he's bobbing for apples and it takes him 10 mins to latch on.  It's quite hilarious as his head goes up and down and side to side while he breaths fast and loud.  Sometimes his air gets cut off for a second when his nose burrows in my boob and it makes a loud snorting noise.  He gets the apple on most of his bobs, but he's so quick to bob back up that it's like he doesn't even realize it.  I don't dare guide him in, that just makes him mad.

I nurse every 2-3 hrs followed by pumping right afterwards.  I started the week off really well.  My milk supply went up nicely and my milk jugs returned to full by the next feeding.  Then somewhere towards the end of this week, I slacked off on the number of pumping sessions due to complete exhaustion and my supply started creeping down.  What alarmed me was that my jugs started becoming soft at the next feeding and I wasn't getting as much when I did pump.  I'm finding that the "demand" in "supply and demand" is very much in demand!  So I'm working on the demand bit to increase the supply bit.  No slacking off allowed for mama!  If you see a long blog post from me, that means I'm doing well as I only blog when I'm nursing or pumping.

I'm still supplementing with breast milk as sometimes he just doesn't get satisfied with nursing alone.  While my supply is better than when I was using the nipple shields, I'm still only maxing out at 2.5 oz from both jugs every 3 hrs.  I was getting over 3 oz before the evil nipple shields.  I'm hoping if I keep working at it, I can continue to increase the supply.  But then of course, Tyler's appetite will increase and require even more supply... does this merry-go-round ever stop?  =)

There are two things I learned from the LC that I forgot to mention in my last post...

The first being compressions.  After the baby gets latched on, I'm to squeeze my boob with my free hand.  I'm to compress when baby drinks (when the chin moves) and release when baby pauses.  She calls this squeezing the juice box. This helps bring the milk down more efficiently.

The second being how to tell when baby is getting milk.  Being a newbie BFer, that is one thing I really struggled with in the early weeks, so thought I would share for other newbies out there:

Gulping:  This one is obvious as their chin/neck is moving at slow to medium pace and you can hear a big gulp.  A pause in their chin/neck indicates a swallow.

Drinking:  This one is the same as gulping except the sound is much more subdued and sounds like a repeating "Ka".  The volume of the "Ka" is associated with the amount of milk being swallowed.  Sometimes the sound level is so low that you can only hear it if the room is dead silent.

Pacifying:  The chin/neck moves at a shallow rapid pace with no noise.  They may pause to take a break, but this doesn't mean a swallow.

Tyler likes to have marathon BFing sessions.  He likes to pacify or fall asleep after a few mins.  So to nip this in the bud and to lesson the session time, I switch boobs every time he pacifies or drifts off.  I also switch if it's taking him too long to latch on.  I end up switching about 20+ times, but it keeps it moving along.

Tyler Update:

We tried putting Tyler in cloth diapers and it's a no go, he's still too tiny.  We hope to try again in a few weeks.  He's currently still in newborn disposables.

Tyler's growing a little.  He's looking longer and has gone from feeling like a feather to feeling like there's a little weight to him.  He pretty muscular.  I think he's going to be tall and slender.

Tyler's take home outfit is getting tight lengthwise.  Won't be much longer before it no longer fits. Mama's sad!  I think I may just have to go buy this outfit in the next size up as it's my favorite (the brown and blue giraffe sleeper).

Tyler's kicks are getting stronger and he's quite the wiggle worm.

Tyler's finger nails grow like weeds.  I'm fine tuning my skills at cutting the tiniest nails ever with baby clippers.  I've done well and haven't cut him so far.

Tyler is starting to lose some hair on the top of his head.  He's developing baby male pattern baldness. Not sure if he'll lose all his hair or not.

Tyler loves sleeping on mommy after nursing.  If I try to put him to bed right afterwards, he usually gets upset.  If I let him sleep on me for awhile and then put him to bed, he's out like a light.

Tyler has a love-hate relationship with his Moby Wrap (baby carrier).  One time he loves it so much he instantly falls asleep and the next time he yells until you take him back out.  It's really nice when it does work out because I can get so much more done.

We celebrated Tyler's 1 month birthday this week.  Time is moving wayyyy too fast!

Show and Tell:

Mama Update:

The loose skin on my stomach has miraculously tightened up.  I thought I was stuck with all that extra skin for the rest of my life, so that was a very nice surprise.  Still have a faint brown line, a little pooch and a belly button cave.  I think I've actually gained back a few pounds.  I'm not too worried about it, or maybe I'm just too tired to give a rip about it.  But in all reality, I think my body is hanging onto everything I take in because it doesn't know when I'll eat again.

I think my body is displaying some fertile signs.  My left ovary has been mildly achy and I've been having some fertile cervical fluid.  I wasn't really expecting that.

No return of evil Aunt Flo yet due to BFing, loving that!

I've had a few requests for some mama photos, I'm working on it.  It's hard when you're always the one behind the camera and when there is a photo opportunity, I demand that I be left out of it because a. I didn't have time to shower that day or b. I am so exhausted and looking quite homely or c. My jugs are hanging out because I'm nursing/pumping or d. All of the above.


  1. Wow....your babe has grown a lot by the looks of it!

    Good job on the nursing/pumping thing...it's pretty exhausting, isn't it? I remember all too well.

    Glad your tummy skin tightened up:) Mine did quickly after baby #1, but after baby #2.....no hope:(

    Glad Aunt Flo hasn't found you yet....it's nice, isn't it? She found me like 4 or 5 months after I had Brayden, even though I was bfeeding/pumping. It's different for every woman. You can definitely ovulate while bfeeding, even though you don't get a visit from Aunt Flo...so that's probably what's going on with you:)


  2. Glad to hear the BF is going better. You sound like you're doing a great job. If you don't have a hands-free pump, I highly recommend getting some kind of thing to make it hands-free. It's so much better that way. Don't forget that 2.5oz every 3h is pretty good (better than I can do) since you're also feeding the wee one at the breast.
    And doing breast compressions while pumping has really helped my output, at least from righty who has a really crummy let-down.

  3. Love your detailed updates and the pics of the handsome little man :)

  4. Yes, you definitely need a hands free pump (as I am strapped to mine with a BF bra that holds the cups in place so my hands can type!). I am sad to say that I am still supplementing each feed with EBM at 6m as I have enough to feed the girls...just not at the right time of day. My supply wanes by late afternoon/early evening and rather than fighting to feed them as my two get impatient with the milk doesn't flow fast enough, I bottle the last feed of the day to make everyone happy and then I pump. I get the most milk overnight and have enough in the morning but you may notice your supply fluctuating with the time of day as well. It sounds like you're doing so well and that you have lots of milk. It may not seem like much, but Tyler's stomach is so tiny that it is lots for him so you're doing great Mama!

  5. I was going to say the same thing as KayJay. It sounds like you have a great amount of milk! It'll go up automatically when he needs more. Mine adjusted early like that too and I never felt full but she always got enough and when she needed it, my breasts went up to making 6oz per breast and then she didn't need all that much and they settled into about 4oz each, I never really worried much since I was told they would adjust and she never acted like she didn't get enough...she just ate more frequently for a few days until she got the breasts trained.

    I'm so glad BFing has gotten better. I remember it being horribly painful and I did buy nipple shields but they were weird and I couldn't get used to them and she hated them and I finally called the LC's from the hospital and LLL and they both said to throw them out.

    He is adorable!

  6. BTW...don't put too much pressure on yourself about pumping. If you get less pumping it means he ate more! Remember in centuries past, there was no pump to help supply and babies always got enough. THere is so much stress placed on BFing!!!

  7. I love the picture of him stretching! So cute! Keep up the good work hard working mama! :0)

  8. Yeah for BF progress!! I'm glad to hear that you are not as frustrated and that Tyler is getting the hang of it. I've been reading my BF books and am planning to attend the BF Open House at the hospital I'll deliver at tonight! It's National BF Week this week-- good timing for me. Trying to soak in all of your advise and be as prepared as possible. I'm also going to a La Leche League meeting next Monday night. Good resource.

    Anyway, that lil' guy just gets cuter and cuter! He is growing, but still seems so tiny! I think I'd be sad to see him already growing out of his itty bitty clothes, too. They grow too fast as it is-- I guess you can be glad he started out small. When they come out at 9 or more pounds, they lose that newborn look so quickly!!

    I totally LOL'd at your comment about no momma pics yet. I am sure I'll be JUST the same way!! :0) We understand, we're just so used to seeing YOU, for the past 10 months, now we are wondering if we'll ever see YOU again?!?! ha ha. One of these days, you'll have had a shower, and a nap and will have a shirt on, and the timer on the camera will work perfectly. We'll be patient til then.

    Btw, hoping AF stays AWAY for quite a while longer!!! Sheesh!!!

    Love ya!
    The Other Jill

  9. Hello Morris Family!
    He is so cute! I think with each stretch, he's growing taller! And reading your blogs I'm so glad I NEVER breast fed, although it's suppose to be good for the baby! I just don't think it was known how beneficial it was at the time I had babies. He's a beautiful little boy...keep up the good work!
    I got your nice thank you card-thank you!
    Take care!
    Love Aunt Kook xoxo

  10. I'm so glad to hear the BF-ing is getting better! That sounds like a major improvement. And I'm sure your supply will continue to grow. Thanks for all the fabulous photos, too! I love the one where he's stretching out. Before you know it he'll be taller than you! Congrats on the tight tummy to go with your skinny ankles. I can't wait! Thanks for all of your encouragement to get Charlotte's butt in gear. I waited so long to get pregnant, I suppose a few more days aren't going to kill me.... I just posted on my blog, by the way, if you want to check it out. :-)

    Jill N

  11. I love how you write. And I think you'll love to look back on this whole thing. You sound like you are in heaven with your son and it is just dreamy. I love it. So happy to read you. :-)


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