Wednesday, May 19, 2010

35 Weeks

5 weeks to go!!!

Our church family threw us a wonderful baby shower last Sunday. Great food, awesome fellowship and blessed with generous gifts. Here's a few pics...

Feeding the guys mystery baby food where whoever got the most correct won.

All of the food was disgusting according to the guys and the sour faces had me rolling. No mercy from me, I was loving every minute of it! ;-)

Opening gifts:

Some gifts bigger than me:

Thank you to my hosts Charity and Heather, you two rock!!!

After the shower, I found myself coughing uncontrollably and haven't stopped since. It figures, I was just telling Kerry it's amazing that I haven't been sick once this entire pg, guess I jinxed myself. I'm talking the violent, painful, unproductive type of coughing that has left me with no voice and a chest so sore I feel like I popped a rib. I honestly can't believe there's still a baby in me with the shear force of them. I'm sure it won't surprise you when I tell you that it has me peeing my pants all day long. Forget little panty liners, I've moved onto the big guns, the gigantic super sized maxi pads in size waddle. Oh I hope this goes away soon, my chest is killing me.

Due to the coughing, I keep having to reschedule all my appts. My ob appt is now tomorrow and I'm going to see if there is anything I can do about this that is safe. On Fri we'll be interviewing a doula. Then on Sat, we have our breastfeeding class and our family baby shower.

We've made some progress on the nursery, as much as we could with Kerry being out of town last week on business.

I've gone through 3 big rolls of painter's tape and will be happy to never have to look at that stuff again. I'm sure Kerry feels the same about painting stripes. Here's where we're at as of tonight:

Speaking of Kerry being out of town... I sent him off with "The Birth Book" and begged him to read it. This is the pic I got from his phone as he was out laying by the pool. What a great hubby!

This week's big belly:

A girl from our childbirth class made me this shirt, I guess I made my point that I did not want pitocin, lol!

Ok, the bare belly too.... (or my friend Cathy will yell at me!)

You want to see something funny?

This is my belly with muscles relaxed:

And this is my belly with muscles fully engaged! I have a very geometric-like belly, I've gone through stages of square, then round and now a triangle! Kerry and I laugh so hard every time I try to sit up.

And lastly, I'll leave you with a video of little Seven shaking his booty:


  1. You are going to have to build a bigger house with all these gifts you're getting!

    Good progress on the nursery...I must say you are starting to make me dizzy with all those stripes! Looking good!

    That shirt was funny.....your belly looks HUGE in it because it's tight fitting!

    LOVE the video....isn't it wild how crazy they can get in there? Makes me REALLY miss my belly now....well I still have a HUGE belly but there isn't a baby in there any more....LOL I bought a brand new camcorder when I was pregnant with Cameron and I never even THOUGHT about video taping my belly I wish I would have. Didn't do it for either baby:0(

    Gosh this 5 weeks is going to fly....hang on for the ride of your life!!!

    You guys crack me up with all your book reading...I never read one whole book when I was pregnant...I started the the "what to expect" but never even finished it!

  2. Oh...forgot to ad, that it's VERY normal for your belly to look like that when your muscles are flexed....I used to laugh too every time I'd get up from lying down on my back.....wanna know what's REALLY weird? After your water either breaks or is broken and there is nothing for the baby to float around in any more, your belly looks really can literally feel & see the baby's body through your skin!

  3. Ok, that triangle belly is mildly creepy - but that video is over the top creepy! It's like Aliens! That Seven is ready to come out - he's gonna burst right through your belly button! :)

    5 weeks!! OMG!! I feel like time moves faster for you - he will be here any day now.

    Feel better - I hope the cough gets better soon.

  4. The triangle belly is the weirdest thing in the world! Hilarious!!! Also I love the video. We have tried to video tape Miss Princess before but she doesn't cooperate very well :-) She will be all over the place and as soon as we get out the video camera- she stops! Stubborn like her mamma!

  5. Love the video!!! That is hilarious - he is really dancing in there! Great job getting such a good shot. I always loved watching my babies move from the outside - so freaky and fun!

    Nursery is coming along nicely. It is going to be so beautiful. Are you doing any more sewing for it? I love seeing the pics!

  6. Have you heard the song "Triangle Man" by they might be giants? If not, you must go listen to it now and then sing it to your belly but change the words to "Triange Belly"--that is hilarious!

  7. You are really doing well with the nursery!! Looks like you'll have a TON of stuff to fill it, as well-- HOLY COW!! ;0) Hope you are getting some necessities.

    Love your pitocin shirt! That is hilarious... You are looking good girl! Love the belly. I have to tell ya, mine looks JUST like that when I get up from laying down-- triangle tummy! It's so weird!

    I've been equally entertained with Colton's kicking, but I can't WAIT to see my belly morph like that. It is crazy, freaky, weird and totally AMAZING. It's still so foreign to know that these little guys are living inside of us-- just hanging out and kickin' it (literally) 24/7!

    I can't believe you've only got 5 weeks left... Just think... he could come a little early and you could be holding your bebe in a month! So, are we going to be surprised for his name? Going to wait and see what he looks like??

    Love ya!
    The Other Jill

    PS-- kudos to Kerry on his reading... I'm impressed. :)

  8. That triangle belly is a hoot! I tried to make mine do that, but no go. You must have really strong abs! But here's what I noticed from your belly shots, because I have the exact same thing - huge blue veins! They're everywhere, really (on me, at least). It makes me feel like some kind of movie monster!

    Sorry about your bad cough and the peeing that goes with it. I know what that's like! I swear there were times when I was sure I was going to cough her (and my bladder) right out, but it's been 7 weeks of coughing, now (though only 2-3 of really bad coughing), and she's still in there and wiggling around, so don't worry! I've been joking that she's going to know the sound of my cough better than my voice.

    I can't believe how close we're getting. And I can't wait to see pictures of the little guy out in the world! He's going to LOVE his room! :)

    Jill N(M) :)

  9. Just can't wait to see all in person. Be there tomorrow.
    Love ya

  10. Love the shirt and the belly. And I miss my dancing baby belly now...
    Be careful how yousit up abd lie down so you don't get a bad rectus diastasis (splitting of the abs)!

  11. That shirt is hilarious! I bet you guys are glad to see those stripes finished. Whew! Can't wait til' tomorrow. I hope we don't have to eat baby food though. LOL. Love you girlie!

  12. I see you're getting the annoying chinese spam that seems to be going around blogger right now:0(


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