Wednesday, May 12, 2010

34 Weeks

6 weeks to go!

It's going well. Lower back pain has been completely gone for a week now. Not sure if the chiro fixed it, baby changed positions or my body just adapted, but whew, that was not fun. I've had a few bouts of swollen feet/ankles to the point of not being able to wear anything but flip flops, but it only happens if I'm on my feet a lot. I'm definitely slowing down, my energy level is falling off the cliff and I'm all of a sudden having to take lots of naps. All in all, everything is going pretty smooth.

Baby is gaining a half pound a week and boy can Kerry and I tell! My belly gets bigger by the day. He's now in my ribs and his movement continues to get more pronounced. I've gained 23.5 lbs and my waist is measuring 39".

Our last childbirth class went well. We all brought up our concerns we had from our previous class where the labor/delivery nurse substituted. As soon as we started addressing concerns about delivering at this hospital (1 couple did end up switching hospitals), our instructor said, remember I said your doctors would kill me if I told you what really happens. Apparently our instructor is required to teach from the book, but unfortunately hospital policies don't line up with the book. For example, the book highly encourages walking around to help labor progress and get the baby to engage, but then hospital policy states that everyone must be on an IV and continuous monitoring. I addressed this concern with the hospital on the class review form. I suggested that they let the instructor teach hospital policy in addition to the book so that the patient can prepare for reality and not be caught off guard while in the middle of labor. The instructor spent a lot of time with us helping us to be our own advocates. Our 2 hr class turned into 4 hrs. She suggested that I get an order from my ob to be monitored 20 mins of every hr as long as everything is fine with baby. She also recommended trying to get a hep lock instead of an IV. I got her advice on how to approach the nurses if they try to push any intervention that I'm uncomfortable with. She suggested that instead of just saying no and refusing, to talk with them and ask questions as to why I would need that intervention and if there was any alternatives, etc. She said it would be in my best interest to hire a doula and labor at home as long as possible. I've left messages with 2, but have yet to hear back from them.

Nursery progress is going slow. Can I tell you, stripes are a lot of work!!!!

We finished our test wall and are pleased with it. It will look better once we get the chair rail moulding up.

We completed the baby blue color on the remaining walls. 3 more colors to go!

I purchased 2 giraffe photos to hang in the nursery. Not sure which wall yet, but here they are:

That's all for this week. Have a great rest of the week everyone!


  1. Love the giraffes! And your cute belly. And yes...again on the doula. Still haven't labored (we are staying at home as long as possible too)..but she's been a lifesaver of a sounding board these last few weeks as well. Plus I know I will need someone to remind me I'm not actually dying, though I may feel like it. My husband won't be able to do that...

    :-) Glad the back pain has backed off!

  2. Look at that belly grow.....I figured once it started it wouldn't stop....LOL

    Glad you got some great info. from your instructor this time. Geesh it seems like you have tons of classes. We didn't take any classs this 2nd time around but the first time I think we only had maybe 2 classes.

    Love the giraffe pics...cute!

  3. The wall looks great! Can't wait to see it all done (I'm sure you think the same thing!)

    Remember when your belly had the square look? No more - you are round now! And so glad to hear the back pain has lessened.

    Almost there!!

  4. That is so scary about the hospital policies! Very very odd and antiquated! I don't blame that other couple for changing hospitals and I'm glad you are advocating for yourself. I hope one of those doulas calls you back! BTW...LOVE the colors you picked for the nursery walls. Its beautiful!

  5. Wow! It's mind boggling that a baby is actually living inside the big belly bump! I am really happy that things are going well for you - that your back pain has disappeared and that the nursery's looking really lovely! Loved those giraffe pics too-they are absolutely adorable! I suggest you take as many naps as you possibly can. This might be last chance you'll get any sleep! ;-)

  6. ONLY 6 WEEKS LEFT!?!?!?! How did this happen so quickly?? :0) You are making good progress on your nursery-- his room is going to be adorable!!! Love it!! I really like the giraffe prints, I've thought about getting the one where the momma looks like she's kissing the baby's head. So cute.

    I'm really impressed at your proactive approach at the hospital! I agree, laboring at home as long as you can will help-- that's our plan too. Of course, these plans may never come to fruition from what I hear! I am like you-- a planner and totally type A, but I guess when it comes to baby, we're going to have to be prepared but go with the flow! In the end, our little boys will be here and we'll be so in love... Can hardly wait. :0)

    Hope you have a wonderful baby shower this weekend!!! May your registry items/gifts be plentiful and you get what you need!! xoxo

    The Other Jill

  7. Glad you're growing well. Love the stripes

  8. I'm so glad your back is better! Not looking forward to all the tiredness again, though. Your nursery is looking great! And I think a doula is a great idea. We're going to get one as well, even though my "OB" is a midwife. Everyone I know who has had one has said they're terrific!

  9. So impressed with the nursery - looks awesome! Your little boy is going to love it. Definitely a yes for the doula - hope one calls you back soon. One thing about the hospital - they have POLICIES and not LAWS so they can't make you do anything you don't want to do so in the end, remember that you can always say no.

  10. Hey Sis,
    What waist are you referring too. LOL. You can hit me when I get there.
    Nursery looking good, but save a little wall space for something special.

    See ya in 7 days
    Love ya

  11. Hi... that was a very sad first video. The 2nd one with Pastor Danny was great!!! I love the room, the pictures, and I love you!!! I am glad the baby planter meant something to you.. I knew it would now!!!! Love you as big as the sky!!! Your Mama

  12. Love those stripes and can't wait to see the room all finished up!

    Glad you are getting some back pain relief. How are there only 6 weeks left!?

  13. Hey Jill - Just wanted to say I had the option where I bought of getting the Thirsties with snaps for the waist and the rise, or the velcro for the waist and snaps on the rise. I'm really really glad I got the velcro ones. The snap ones had just come out when I was buying my first 3 covers, and a couple posts in cloth diapering online forums that showed detailed pics didn't seem totally thrilled. The snaps seem to me to be less flexible in size, since I don't think you could get as small a waist size as you can with the velcro. They also wished for two rows of snaps to keep the waistband more even. I could see getting snaps on the size 2s down the road, since they're supposedly harder for toddlers/older babies to take off. For now, that's not something I have to worry about!


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