Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12 Weeks

I cannot even believe I'm 12 weeks along already!  I received a couple comments that I've been slacking with the belly pics, so here you go:

My mom called me today to tell me that my aunt saw a wee-wee on the first u/s pic in my previous post. I was insistent that it was impossible to see a wee-wee this early and that it was either part of the umbilical cord or leg.

This of course got my curiosity up and I started researching early gender detection.  I ran into this link.

If you look at the "9 week old embryo - 11 weeks Pregnant", you can see that both genders have a "nub".  The boy's will become a penis and the girl's a clitoris.

If you then look at the 12 week "Angle of the dangle", you can see that a boy has a 30~ degree from the spine while the girl's is parallel to the spine.

This link contains early boy nub u/s photos that were later confirmed as boy.  Many of these look a lot like Seven.

This link contains early girl nub u/s photos that were later confirmed as girl.  These really don't look like Seven.

So after viewing all this, I'd have to say that it sure does look like Seven has a nub.  I held up a piece of paper to the spine and then another to the nub and it was a near perfect 30 degree angle.

I then posted this u/s pic on the website listed in the link above and asked for opinions.  Everyone predicted boy, not a single one said girl.

OMG, could we really be having a BOY???


  1. Hi Jill...

    Congrats... I do believe it looks like a wee wee to me too!!! Laughing so hard!!!

    Your tummy looks so flat yet!!!

    I am glad your pregnancy is going so well!!!

    I love you as big as the sky.


  2. So glad everything is going so well, Jill. Look at you moving right into the second trimester!

  3. No belly yet....but I'm glad you finally got a'll be glad later that you me:-) I'm still thinking that "nub" is really part of the whole loop there of umbilical cord...that's my 2 cents:-) You may go back in a few weeks and see a completely different picture! At any 12 weeks....I still can't believe it....

  4. Hi Jill,

    Congratulations on reaching the 12 week milestone! Bring on the second trimester.
    Hmmmmm...It looks like it could be a boy to me!

  5. when I had the NT u/s with Chase, the dr said she thought he would be a boy at that moment, and then said, "oh, I shouldn't be saying anything", but being a high risk dr, I'm sure she's been able to see them.
    If you don't have a baby name book, I'll send you mine if its needed for a boy name.
    I do have to say that I would be thrilled to pass on the boys things to you if you want them, the ladies down here that are preggo, are having girls.
    Wait, could there be another connection between us now with the dates?

    Love you!

  6. I wouldn't fixate on the boy bit yet, but I really wouldn't be surprised after checking out your photo and the links you posted.
    Either way, it's a healthy looking babe! And having the NT fold be under 1.5mm is fantastic news. Of course with the CGH, I'd think Down's would already be ruled out, right? This was probably more of another great opportunity to admire the wee one.

  7. WOW--you don't look like you're pregnant yet, to me... That's what I look like after Thanksgiving dinner! :0)
    How exciting to start the guessing game of boy or girl!! I hope that your next u/s makes it a little more clear. Then the fun really begins-- and you could shop the after Christmas sales to your heart's content!!
    So exciting! Can't wait for more updates.
    Love ya,
    The Other Jill

  8. So cute! I love the gender prediction thing:-) I have absolutely no guesses...I have to look back at some of my pics and see if I saw anything like that! We got a killer shot during my attempted 3d that super-confirmed girl, so I'll check and see if I see any nubs on my 12 week u/s's!

    I can't believe you are already 12 weeks! Its going so fast!!! One more week until I count you in trimester 2!!! Yay! by the way, cute flat belly, lol. I will predict a serious bump overnight at around 19-20 weeks...seriously, that is what happened to me.

  9. Congrats on reaching the 12 week mark! I really can't believe how fast this is all going (I'm sure you can't either!).

    My vote is for baby boy! =D

  10. Jill, what amazng news....another great update and more 7's to add to the story!!

    I wanted to tell you that at my nuchal scan with my GS twins over 10 yrs ago, my IM asked if he could tell the sex of the babies that early (12 weeks) and the dr. rattled off a bunch of percentages having to do with that *protrusion* and which way it was *pointing* (just like you read about!!) and he gave us an 80% chance that both babies were girls according to those %, and he was right - they were both girls!!

    So, it'll sure be interesting to verify for sure what your little #7 is at your next U/S!!!

    Love you and still on cloud NINE for you!!!



  11. To be honest Jill, I have thought boy from the beginning... Just an instinct thing. I have been very excited to find out if I was right or not! I could really see you having a boy. You will be a great mom either way!!!! Can't wait to know for sure.


  12. It's so amazing that they can make a pretty reasonable guess at this stage. :) Congratulations on joining Team Blue!

  13. Awe, matters not...I love my boys....eventually you get daughter-in-laws...and then maybe some granddaughters! Sorry, but the size of your belly is unimpressive but you only have a plumb in there so far! Can't wait! I'm starting to look at air fares! Love you. Gma & Gpa

  14. Love the belly shot! And little boys are the best!!:)


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill