Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Today I had another low-tech u/s to help relieve my anxiety. This time my ob/gyn did trans-abdominal instead of trans-vaginal.

As the transducer was placed on my stomach, I immediately saw little Seven, but there was no movement and I couldn't see a heartbeat. I held my breath and quietly watched as the OB moved the transducer around. Still no heart beat. In a panicked voice I said, where's the heart beat??? The OB zoomed in, pointed, and said, right there. OMG, that was the worst 10 seconds of my life! I am feeling overwhelmingly blessed to have seen that little flicker.

What I didn't realize was that trans-ab isn't nearly as detailed, especially on this little portable machine, as trans-vag. The heart beat is so prominent with trans-vag, but with trans-ab, it was almost unnoticable. I now have a whole new respect for the trauma that must accompany a woman experiencing a m/c after seeing the HB. I'm still feeling the effects of those 10 seconds, it really rattled me.

Here's a photo of Seven with head down. The body has definitely lengthened as the head is no longer twice the size of the body.

Within a few minutes, little Seven started really wiggling. It was so cool and a much needed sight! We tried several times to catch it on video, but every time we turned the camera on, he/she would freeze. Below is our attempts at catching some action.

Then on our last attempt, we finally we caught the little gummy bear in action:

OB didn't measure the CRL or the HB, so I unfortunately don't have those details. She wants me to come back in 1 week for the NT scan. This will be a very detailed u/s on the high-tech machine. Wahoo!!! It will assess the baby's risk of abnormalities. We were told to bring a DVD as they will record a copy of the u/s for us and to invite up to 3 family members. I've invited my mother-in-law and grand-mother-in-law. I can't wait!

My OB Panel results came in. I asked what all this tests for and they said all STDs, antibodies, proteins, Rh factor, CBC, things like that. All came back normal.

I also had a hormone level check today.

Estrogen: 1108 (down from 1175 after reducing to 2 patches)
Progesterone: 14.31 (down a hair from 14.77 without reducing any meds)

I don't know why my progesterone isn't climbing, worries me that the placenta isn't kicking in. CCRM wants to me drop down to 1 patch tonight and down to 1 Endometrin suppository tomorrow and then recheck my levels Fri. I'm almost weaned!!!

That's all for now. Nighty night!


  1. So glad that things are going well. Enjoy the ultrasound! I took my Mom along to one and it was so special having her there.

  2. Beautiful pics! You scared the crap out of me with those 10 seconds of no hb...I still remember that feeling. Utter shock and emptiness. Ugh. I'm glad all is well!!! I think normal progesterone for a pregnant woman at this stage is still pretty low so the fact that you are still up there and are cutting down your progesterone support means that the placenta is taking over. I remember having the same concerns and my nurse was telling me that with IVF they have us up at an abnormally high level for p4 and the body doesn't need that much. Also - progesterone is produced in other forms - p2 and p3, etc and they only measure the p4, so it is all very confusing...but they know what they are doing!

  3. What Sue said!
    You'll be astounded at the difference when you go back for your NT scan. I think they started transabdominally for me for that, then moved to the transvag, and wow, was everything clear. Kid bouncing around, kicking spastically and rebounding around in the sac. It was so cool. I don't think I ever saw anything like your little one waving its armbuds around - that was great!
    Wish our U/S place had offered us a DVD. No such luck around here! I'm just grateful the private clinic I used to get my cervical length U/Ss done at gave me photos each time. The high risk clinic I'm at now never offers, and they charge for them.
    Yay for another few hours without worry - even after seeing a heartbeat, it only made me less nervous for a few hours, then the worry started up again.

  4. I say, NO More Worrying!!!! Enjoy this pregnancy to the fullest! It goes by way to fast.That little baby is doing great and if he/she is as strong as their parents,(and I know that to be true) everything will be just fine!


  5. Wow.....Seven is starting to actually look like a "baby" now.....how cool! You will definitely be amazed at the NT scan....I had one with this last pregnancy and it was VERY cool! OMG...when you were describing those 10 seconds where the earth stood still....that's exactly what I felt like last year when I lost that baby....and I was one of those unfortunate ones that saw a heartbeat a couple of weeks before that:0( They should have automatically done the trans vag on you....shame on them for unnecessarily worrying you. I've never heard of an abdominal u/s before 12 weeks....I ALWAYS had trans vag before 12 weeks even at the Perinatologist. I also agree that your placenta is starting to take over or else your #'s would have been a lot lower:0) Don't worry....things are going perfectly and before you know it, you will be holding that little precious bundle in your arms....it's going fast!

    love you

  6. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhmazing!!!!!! Love it. I can't believe how fast little Seven is growing! From a prune to a lime in just a week or so. Your little tummy oughta be popping out before too long. Can't wait to see that beautiful baby bump on you!!
    I read your update on my phone and had the same reaction as others when I saw the first few lines... GASP, where's the HB?!?!? What a relief... and in just a week you'll have such great pics of little baby to share-- I can hardly wait. :0)
    So glad that your docs, nurses and techs are being accommodating to keep any anxiety at bay. Wow, you're almost through your first trimester!!! Yippeeeee!!!
    Talk soon,
    The Other Jill

  7. Looks great! I'm Jealous, I want to go too

    Auntie Sheree

    Also known as SIS

  8. I think Seven looks adorable and smart. (-;

  9. Hi Jill,
    Your pregnancy is going so amazingly well. I could see how much he/she has grown and it really does look like a baby now!!! I can't wait to hold him/her in my arms...as a matter of fact, I can't hardly wait to find out if it's a boy/girl....Butch keeps on asking me when you will find out. LOL.
    Take care of our Grambaby.
    Love you as big as the sky, Mama

  10. Hi Jill and Kerry...baby 7 looks so cute already! Amazing! I love seeing it doing its' own little swing dance in your belly! Give it a hug from its' great aunt Carol! Love always and a day...Aunt Carol xoxoxo

  11. I loved that feeling of 'graduating' to the trans-ab. :)


  12. Looking great!!!!Like the little dance #7 was doing. Already in the swing of things.
    Can't wait until next Tuesday.
    Relax and enjoy every minute of this great adventure, you and Kerry really deserve it.
    Love you bunches,

  13. Awesome news! Little Seven looks normal scary - the skeletor face-on view is always creepy. Very cute though, and I'm jealous of your posterior placenta. Mine's all in front, so I didn't really feel her till 18w2d.
    Congrats on all the hormone levels being so fantastic. And your MIL and GMIL are totally cute.
    That's going to be one cute kid at 16 weeks - just wait!


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