Friday, August 14, 2009

FET#1.5 Calendar

AF arrived yesterday, wahoo! Good bye, good riddance, adios bad lining!

My IVF nurse called today and we discussed all the details of my upcoming FET.

They removed the BCP from my protocol as discussed. She completely agreed with my theory that the BCP thinned my lining, it didn't fully shed and then I developed a new lining on top of the old.

As soon as I ovulate, I'll notify her, get a progesterone level and then start Lupron 7 days past ovulation. I'll then wait on AF.

After AF arrives, I'll start estrogen patches. Once I start the patches, I'm not allowed any caffeine, which for me, only means chocolate. Had a mini-meltdown over that one. Supposedly caffeine restricts blood flow.

I had sent them a pubmed article where a study was done showing that vitamin E, l_arginine and via.gra suppositories all improved uterine blood flow and therefore improved the lining and receptivity to implantation. Once I start patches, I'm to take vit E 600iu 1x/day and l_arginine 1000mg 2x/day. They did not want me to take the via.gra as they didn't want to chance making my lining too thick.

If When I pass the 2 estrogen levels and lining check, I'll then start progesterone suppositories. Transfer will follow 6 days later. My best guestimate for transfer is Oct 11.

I asked if I needed to do the 8 sessions of acup again and she said yes, definitely. Seems they feel strongly about it, so I'll be a good patient and obey.

Finances permitting, I will try and get another hypno-therapy session in too. Yes, I know, I still need to post about my previous sessions. Very soon, I promise.


  1. Well it's always good to to have a plan.
    I hear thee on the chocolate--that is definitely meltdown inducing, but you can do it!
    Lucky Seven is waiting!!!

  2. I knew a woman here who had multiple failed cycles b/c of bad uterine blood flow. She tried everything..including the viagra...nothing worked. Until she found acupuncture. After a month or acu, she did a local cycle (with my crappy old RE again) and ended up having a beautiful baby girl! So, do that acu!

    I'm glad you have a date for the FET. This is going to be it. I can't wait to hear the good can time start moving faster again?

  3. So glad you have a plan in place Jill. Yes, they do seem to feel strongly about acupuncture, don't they? Good luck with everything this time around.

    And can't wait to hear about your hypno-therapy session!

  4. So glad you are on your way again and have such a strong plan in place. That Lucky 7 is going to have such a nice home in there he/she may never want to leave. I'm thinking induction. (-;

  5. Glad things are going on track now! Let's get you implanted :-)

  6. Oh the trials of conceiving...I'm still praying and pulling for you! It's gotta work this time! It sounds like IVF is a full-time job! You could probably councel women when you're done because of your knowledge of the subject! (I'm lost still!) But then again, you will be busy 24/7 when you have your baby Morris, so another full-time job will be out of the question! Get plenty of rest now because you won't get a good night's sleep EVER again after you have a baby! lol Love u. Love me. xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Woohoo for AF.....what a relief to be "on your way" once again....I'm sooooo glad that they are nixing the BCP's...I totally agree that those were only doing you more harm than good!

    Come on lucky 7.....about the time I'm having this little one of mine, I'll be anxiously awaiting the update on this blog about your BFP!!!!

    love you girlfriend!!!

  8. So you know what that means right now - all the chocolate you want until your eyes cross!!!! I'm so glad you have a plan in place and a definitive timeline, rather than just flapping in the wind, waiting for AF. Now go eat some chocolate!!

  9. Hi...
    The time was wrong, but your time will come. Still rooting for will all be worth it when you hold him/her in your arms! That's how I felt when I FINALLY held you..suddenly nothing else mattered!
    I love you as big as the sky and then some... Momma, #7's Grammy

  10. Glad to hear AF came, and you are moving forward again. Keeping my fingers crossed that the lining develops perfectly for lucky number 7!

  11. Popped in to get caught up!! Whew, you're making progress... although I can relate to the "impatience factor"!!! I've heard and said more than once, don't ever pray for patience, for the good Lord will not give it to you, He will put you in situations that require you learn it for yourself... I guess I just haven't learned!! :0)
    But you my dear are on your way! So happy AF arrived and you're on track.
    My DH is in Afghanistan until October, so I am hoping that when he gets home, his super swimmers will find my egg and we'll be looking at a July due date as well... My bday is July 31, and there's nothing more I'd like than to have our baby before I turn 33! What a birthday present that would be.
    Okay, I'm back to work-- my new job is great-- much busier and I love it.
    Looking forward to more progress.
    Love ya!
    The Other Jill
    ps-I'm not superstitious either, but I do love the number 7. :0)

  12. Sorry, Jill, I seem to have missed this last post. This looks like a great plan! Let the countdown begin. I'm so glad they caught the lining issue before your precious embryo was transferred into a less-than-ideal environment. It will be worth the wait! Hugs.


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