Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Adios #38

With the arrival of AF, I'm happy to say adios to the most messed up cycle I've ever had.

Prior to IVF:

Earliest Ovulation: cd13
Last Ovulation: cd18
Minimum Cycle Length: 27 days
Maximum Cycle Length: 33 days

After 3 IVFs:

Ovulation: cd29
Cycle Length: 42 days
Mid-Cycle Spotting: cd13, 14, 15, 21, 30
Premenstrual Spotting/Bleeding: 8 days starting at 7dpo

Thank you IVF for screwing me up!

[Click on photo for larger view]


  1. Tee hee - CD1 for me too today!! I was wondering if the ticker was right before today because I noticed that it had gone for so long and that ovulation was so delayed. Well, hopefully it will only be this way for this one cycle and things will go back to normal with your next cycle.

  2. I hope & pray that this cycle will only be a ONE TIME THING! Screwy cycles stink!!! Here's to "normal" cycles from now on!

    love ya!

  3. Hi Jill,

    Wow, that is pretty bad. IVF can really screw with your hormones. I hope that this next month is a better one for you!

  4. OK I'm embarrassed to say I've never once charted anything. Is that really sad? I just used OPKs and that was it. But your fancy chart makes me feel somewhat inadequate as an infertile!!
    Anyhow, here's hoping things get better with the next cycle. Those wacky artificial hormones did a number on you!

  5. I, too, am very impressed by your charting skill and attention to detail. I've noticed that after an IVF I seem not to ovulate at all (or at least when I use an OPK I don't in my "normal" days) I wonder if I actually do, just at a later time? And, I ovulate like clockwork on CD13. So, I usually completely ignore the cycle after IVF. I am hoping your hormones even out sometime soon! Isn't it fun messing up your body so much with nothing to show for it? Bleh.

  6. The stress of IVF sucks! I am sorry that your cycle is all scewed up, I am also impressed at your charting abilities, I dont have the patience! at least not anymore!

  7. The same thing happens to me. After each IVF cycle, I ovulate between CD23 and CD26.... I'm on CD11 now and very curious to see what happens this month, after last month's stim cycle. It sucks, because you can't plan anything ahead. My FET date depends on my next two O dates b/c I won't be on BCPs this time. I'm glad AF is here for you now!

  8. IVF meds can throw so many things off track. Sometimes I really worry about what we're all doing to our bodies!

    I'm glad AF is here now for you!

  9. This happened to me after our fourth failed IVF. I ovulated around cd28 and had horrible and lots of CM for about 5-6 days. Then AF finally arrived on cd 44. Hopefully this next cycle will be better!

  10. I'm sorry to hear you have to go through this, but I must admit that this post provided me some comfort...I was a 28 dayer my entire life - always ovulating on day 14..textbook (not that that helped us any :-). Then I range anywhere from 17-35 days, which messes with me on so many levels...either I'm caught out with light pants or peeing on a stick because I'm 8 days "late". Thank you IVF...the gift that keeps on givin', and, unfortunately, in our case, that is yet to be via a baby. Hugs.

  11. I think (and hope) that you will return to normal ovulation a few months following a retrieval ... or has it already been a few natural cycles?

    I know for me, I usually O around CD18-19 and after an ER cycle I had an ANNOV cycle (talk about frustration) followed by a cycle where I O'd on day 28 ...

    I hate that we have to do IVF and hate moreso what it does to our bodies residually ... yeah, thanks for the open wound, now let's pour some salt in there!


  12. Ughhh, sorry things are so messed up!! I did chart after IVF#1 and it was pretty normal, but completely bailed on all that is charting after IVF#2 and haven't looked back since.

    I'm sorry she found you, but glad that your cycle from hell is over. Hugs.


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