Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tyler: 27 Months

August 24-September 23, 2012 (26 to 27 months old)

Tyler's life this month in bullet points:

  • He started singing! He was taking a shower and then I heard it, this sweet little voice singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I just stood out of sight and listened until he was done. I could listen to him sing all day. He also started singing Old MacDonald had a Farm and Wheels on the Bus.
  • He started making up his own songs, all about vehicles of course. "Loader loader, full of dirt, loader, loader, dump it out".
  • He answered "what's your name?" from a stranger for the 1st time. He said Ty Ty. Now he loves it when anyone asks him what his name is.
  • He can answer my phone! Whenever it rings, he goes and gets it, swipes his finger across the screen to answer and says hello. I intentionally don't answer my phone just to watch him do it.
  • We took him to his 1st movie and 3D nonetheless. He proudly wore his 3D glasses the entire time. He loved it and was very vocal... "more polar bears!!!!" throughout the entire polar bear movie.

  • He watched his 1st rented movie with mom and dad. We rented Cars which he is nuts about. He also experienced his first bowl of popcorn. He thought it was the best thing ever that he got his own bowl. I think we're going to be hearing "watch Cars movie and eat popcorns?" over and over for a long time.
  • His memory/recollection has definitely shined this month. He's able to tell us what he did or saw over the last few days. It's so much fun to ask him "what did you do today?" and hear him ramble about all the things he did. The first time I asked he said "I saw a dump truck full of dirt!". Out of all the things we did that day, he remembers seeing the dump truck out the car window.
  • He now understands first and second. I hear quite often, "Tyler go first, then mama go second.".
  • He loves opposites right now; empty/full, open/closed, on/off, front/back, little/big. He's always pointing them out. He'll hold up 2 Tow Maters and say "little Tow Mater and big Tow Mater!".
  • He loves finding things that are the same. He takes a car and looks for the same car in his sticker book. When he finds it, he holds the car up to the sticker and says, for example, "that's Ramone and that's Ramone!". 
  • Some cute things he's saying this month: noogles (noodles), eye-keem (ice cream) and pop-corns.
  • He started talking louder and louder and repeats himself over and over whenever adults are talking. Our nanny's 2 yr old does the same thing. It makes it impossible to talk! These little creatures do not like not being the center of attention that is for sure!
  • What 2 yr old loves black pepper? Mine! Every morning when I put scrambled eggs in front of him, the first thing he says is "salt and pepper?". I let him have a small amount of salt, but I mostly just pretend to put it on. With the pepper, he insists on putting it on himself, he likes the sound of the tin can. He piles it on and loves it.
  • He had his first experience with a playmate much younger than him, 1 yr younger. We had a backup nanny that brought her little girl with her. It was neat to see how he would react to a child quite a bit younger. He was so sweet to her and was trying to teach her how to do stuff like put a puzzle together and how to tip her sippy cup back so she could drink from it. She was used to straw sippy cups so when she borrowed one of Tyler's that has to be tipped up, she didn't know how to use it. He tapped her on her shoulder and said "do it like this" and demonstrated tipping it up. I can't tell you how bad I wish I could give him a sibling after seeing that! Darn infertility!!! 

Things that cracked us up this month:

  • We stopped for a potty break in the car. We sat him on his little potty and he started riding it like a rocking horse and said Yee-Haw!
  • We have the "Where's the Poop?" book and he asked me to read it to him while he was on the potty. The last page has a picture of a toilet and when you lift the lid, there's a turd in it. I pointed to the poop in the toilet in the book and he said "don't touch it!".
  • At lunch, I asked him to eat his food. He yelled no and stomped his foot. Kerry and I sat there silently and signed yes. He signed back no.
  • I keep finding cars in my bra!!! The kid always has cars in his hands and I guess when I'm holding him or he gets milk, he stores them there for later. I don't even notice him doing it until later when I'm like, what's this? Oh there's a car in my bra! One day I found a car that he took from the church nursery! This kid is creative when it comes to parking garages; dishwasher baskets, puzzle racks and now my bra!

This month in photos:

Boys love their car stickers!

 He was getting upset because the sun was in his eyes so I handed him my sunglasses over the seat. This is how I found him when I went to get him out of the car.

I keep finding him with things on his head!

My little boy is not so little anymore. He has officially outgrown the pack-n-play.  =(

He leans forward every time he poses for the camera.

A long overdue playdate with Tildy, check out that look at her!

A couple of cuties!


A playdate with Savannah, the boy loves to make the girls laugh!

This is the result of a very tired mama taking a little boy to the potty at 3am!

The parents actually got out of the house and went out on a date! Here we are having fun with the photo booth props!

This month in video:

Video:  Tyler singing Twinkle Twinkle

Video:  Tyler singing ABCs

Video:  More singing

Video:  Tyler and Matilda


  1. The singing (and dancing) are my favorites! But telling you not to touch the turd has to be a close second! HAHAHAHAHA!!

  2. All so cute! We are big on opposites and "sames" right now too - nothing is more exciting than finding something that is "the sames" as something else!! He is such a cutie! And I hear ya on the sibling thing (as you well know) it makes me sad to think what a good big sib our kids would be.

  3. He is so his baby singing voice!


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