Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tyler: 26 Months

July 24-August 23, 2012 (25 to 26 months old)

Geesh, I used to think it was bad that I was always a month behind, now I'm 3 months behind! I'm going to try really hard to catch up!

Tyler's life this month in bullet points:
  • He started jumping off things, like the couch. The kid loves to jump.
  • He wants to touch everything this month, particularly things out of reach like the sky, stars and moon. He says "touch moon?" and reaches for it.
  • He started putting his hands over his ears when something's even remotely loud.
  • He loves dancing to the "harmica" (harmonica). He will only dance when daddy plays it. When I play it, he stops dancing, takes it from me and hands it back to daddy. I have no musical talent and even my 2 yr old recognizes it.
  • He has no interest in the iphone anymore. I can leave it sitting on the table and he'll completely ignore it or even move it out of his way so he can play. I am baffled, who took my child?
  • He hit me for the first time (lightly and out of frustration) and I introduced him to his first time-out. He just sat there and cried for milk. Unbelievably he never tried to get up.
  • I got all excited and had a proud mommy moment because he said "shut the door" instead of "shut door". I had to call my mom because I was so excited he said "the". It sure doesn't take much to impress a mom.
  • He started saying "Owwww!" whenever he hurts something.
  • He's very excited about his ability to read and spell zoo. He spells it out loud "Z [pause] OH OH!".
  • He's starting to read simple words like pig, cow, cat, dog and beep beep.
  • He decided he was done with diapers this month, so we said ok, I guess we're potty training this month. He's fully day trained but we're not quite accident-free at night time yet. I'll try and cover the details in a separate post if anyone is interested.
Things that cracked us up this month:
  • We we're out walking in front of our house, Tyler was in a t-shirt and diaper. A family stopped to talk us. After a bit, Ty realized he was the only one without pants. He lifted up his shirt, looked at me and said, "mama, pants?".
  • I fixed his broken car and handed it to him, he said "mama fix car, good job, yeah mama!!!".
  • I started picking up his toys and he sang "clean up, clean up, it's time to clean up".
  • While asleep on my shoulder, he burped and said "eh-cuse me".
  • Our nanny Jill said "come on Addison, come on Tyler" and Tyler said "come on Jill".
  • He says "no sing!" when I start to sing.
  • We were laying on Tyler's floor looking up at the stars projected from his nightlight. I stood up and Tyler said "Lay down Jill!". Wow that was strange hearing my 2 yr old call me by my name!
  • I got my braces off and the first time Tyler saw my teeth, he wanted to touch them. I asked him what he thought and he said "white!".
  • He's a total jokester! When I ask him "where do you go potty when you have to pee?", he answers with "on the carpet, in the fan, in Dada's hand" with a smirk on his face. I can't get him to answer seriously.
  • Out of the blue he grabbed paper towels and started trying to wipe his butt. He then insisted on going around the room and wiped all of our butts. I guess this is good training for a son with older parents, this will come in handy when we're lounging around in our Depends.
This month in photos:

My little Old Navy Cowboy

He came walking around the corner with this sifter saying "I see you!"

I couldn't figure out where the dishwasher basket went... then I found it with a new identity of a parking garage.

Puzzle racks make for great parking garages as well!

Picking up chicks in pickup trucks


I love how Tildy has her arm around him!


  1. I love the last picture... what a handsome boy and beautiful Mama! Also love his responses to "where do you go poop?" ... it is amazing that they can get the concept of joking around like that at that age, isn't it? We got Savannah the "Where's the poop" book after we were last at your place. It quickly became one of her very favorite books! (still hasn't pooped in the toilet though!) She calls me by my name too, often using my full name. It is funny.

  2. Thanksgiving was funny. Tyler was saying the prayer. He mentioned "Me, Mommy, Daddy, MiMi and Papa. When you asked who else, he said "the eagle". It cracked us all up...knowing he was looking at the picture of the Eagle on the wall. He is hilarious and absolutely a jokester.
    Never a dull moment with Tyler. When Butch said, "Tyler doesn't like presents, does he?" He quickly piped up with a serious look on his face and said, "YES I DO."
    One more thing to add, Tyler told me he wanted pepper on his food. What two year old asks for pepper? He loves it. He wouldn't eat eggs anymore until I put it on them.
    Anyway, life is always fun being around him.
    A proud Grandmother (Mimi)

  3. Thanks for your great updates! I will have to hit you up for specific advice on the potty training :)
    Adorable photo at the end (well, all of them are cute but I love the one of you both!).

  4. He's getting so big! He looks just like his dad. I think it's so funny that Tyler doesn't want the iphone anymore. I wish I could walk away from my iphone! The "no sing" comment cracks me up. My kids still say that to me.


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