Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tyler: Week 43

April 13-April 19, 2011 (42w-42w6d old)

Tyler Update:

  • He loves his books.  He sits there on his own and flips through all the pages.  I love to sit back and see which books and pages interest him.  He seems to gravitate towards animals.

  • He loves being upside down.  He's always trying to dive off the side of the couch or our bed.  I'm constantly hanging onto an ankle preventing him from landing on his noggin.

  • He loves wearing his sunglasses.  He totally thinks he's a stud in them.

  • He loves to pretend he's driving.

  • He never sits still, ever!  He constantly has to stand or walk, touch or reach for something, check out every noise or movement.  I so badly want to cuddle with him, or hold him in my lap... but he's too busy and afraid he's going to miss something.  Even during BFing, he's distracted and stops to check out what's going on around him.  When he sleeps, he tosses and turns frequently, like every few mins.  Every time I look at the monitor, he's in a completely different position.  He's either going to keep me really young, or run me ragged.  I better get myself in tip top shape so I can keep up with him!
  • His baby gates are going up!  Two up, two more to purchase.  

  • He's very vocal and loud.  He squawks and squeals at the top of his lungs.  It's funny, though sometimes it's at the most inopportune time, like in a nice quiet restaurant.  He's just as loud when he's not a happy camper, wowser he lets you know!
  • He's starting to babble more and we've heard a few ba-ba's in there.  His only words are still mom and mama.  I think he's so busy perfecting all the large motor skills that there's no time left for working on language.
  • He loves his water and straw sippy cup.

  • He's crazy about bananas, so much so that he's starting to refuse some of his veggies.  Alternating every other bite with banana and veggie has worked well.  I found a really cool way to serve bananas.  I cut one in half and use it like a bowl and scoop out chunks of banana with a spoon.  It's so nice not having the peels hanging over my hand and having the banana break off.  It makes a great grab and go item and can be fed in the car or anywhere without any mess.  I also found that if you cut avocados widthwise instead of lengthwise, it makes a great bowl as well.

  • I tried a new recipe and it was a big hit with Tyler.  It's baked squash, apple and cinnamon.  You cut an acorn/butternut squash in half, scoop out the seeds, set them meat side up in a casserole dish with an inch of water in it.  Add diced apples in the bowl of the squash, fill them with water, sprinkle cinnamon on top.  Cover with foil and bake at 400 for 40 mins.  It was so delicious that we ate a helping ourselves prior to pureeing it.  It also leaves your house smelling really good.

This week in video:

Video:  Running man Tyler


  1. He is just so cute, Jill. Such a ham!

  2. What a little cutie patootie!

  3. Oh.....welcome to the world of Toddlerhood.....once they are mobile, those cuddle times are few & far in between:( Some kids are worse than others and it sounds like you have a WILD man on your hands just like Cameron:)

    Love the cute!

    What kind of baby gates did you buy???

  4. SO many similarities between our boys... Colton loves to be upside down, loves to "drive", loves his books, and loves bananas!! He's vocal like Tyler--happy, sad, sleepy, silly... it's noisy at our house, too!

    I looked into flights from Spfd to Nashville to see if these two could meet... A TAD on the pricey side. I should look for flights using my airline miles... These boys would LOVE to play together. :0)

    Ty is getting bigger and cuter by the minute. I can't believe he will be ONE next month!!! Sniff, sniff--why are my eyes wet??? Holy cow, this is going so fast.

    Hugs to you guys!
    The Other Jill

  5. Tyler is such a cutie!

    My George can't stand the sunglasses. But loves being upside down and running in the air as well.

    BTW, I nominated you for two awards. Go pick them up on my blog, when you have the time.

  6. We can't wait to see him next month. Glad we'll be there close to his birthday( Father's Day wekend). He must be kin to Rachel, we have so many pics of her growing up with sunglasses. :)

    Love you guys and miss you


  7. Hi Jill! Haven't commented much lately but always checking your blog for updates! He's growing up sooo fast! He is so adorable and it looks like you guys are having a blast together!! Carley LOVES your blog. She will sit and watch "her friend Tyler" for ever! She loves the videos and pics! (As do I!) She plays the videos over and over, it's so cute to watch her, watch him.


  8. Thanks for your comment on my post. Made me get a big ol' lump in my throat:>


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