Wednesday, June 9, 2010

38 Weeks

2 weeks to go!!! I feel like I'm in some kind of time warp!

All is good except for a little sciatic pain and some crazy swelling. My feet and legs are huge. They burn by the end of the day when the skin stretches to the max.  But blood pressure was great today at 106/76. No signs of labor really. I did encounter 2 days over the last week where I had nonstop braxton hicks for about an hour, but then I'll go a few days with none. Looks like the little guy is happy being inside for now.

We had our prenatal appt with our doula last week. She spent 2 hrs at our house getting to know us, getting a tour of our home and designing our birth plan. She interviewed us to figure out what she can do best to help support us through a med-free labor. She really helped us figure out exactly what we want as far as a birth goal and everything related to the baby's care after he's born. We really like her!

We had our 2nd midwife appt today. We get a different one each visit so we can get to know as many as possible before I go into labor as you never know which one will be on duty. We LOVED today's midwife and are praying that we get her for the delivery. She was hilarious, compassionate and we just really clicked with her. She felt my belly and said that I was all baby... love her! Baby is in perfect position, head down facing to one side. Then I lifted my shirt so she could use the heart doppler. Heartbeat was perfect. She commented that I have no stretch marks... love her! I just hope my belly can hang in there for another 2 weeks or so of stretching.

The midwife we had at our last appt had an opinion that perineum massage didn't make much of a difference. Because of that, I guess it discouraged Kerry and I from continuing the massage since it seemed it was going to be a waste of time. Well today's midwife had the complete opposite opinion. She said it makes a huge difference and she can always tell who did and did not do the perineum massage prior to labor and that there is a big difference in the amount of tearing. So now we're like oh crap, we just skipped this for an entire week! So back to it we go again, oh fun!

We then headed over to Vanderbilt for our tour of labor and delivery. We are soooo excited and soooo glad we made the move!!! The rooms are huge and have everything you would ever want to help you get through labor. The bed is like some kind of transformer, it transforms into every kind of position you'd ever want to give birth in. The room has a shower with a seat in it to help with labor. Two of their rooms have labor tubs, which we immediately had them put in our records that we would like one of those rooms if available. In addition to all the things that cater to a med-free birth, the room is fully equiped to handle every kind of intervention or emergency that could pop up. They also have a high level nicu on the same floor. We couldn't be more pleased with our decision.

The nursery is really coming along and is very close to being done. We realized that until our rocker-glider comes in, we don't know for sure how far down the wall the dresser and crib will go, which means we can't hang anything on the walls yet, which means we're not ready to share pics just yet. Soon, I promise!

I have been nesting like a mad women, washing all of baby's clothes and linens and trying to put everything into place. But I have yet to pack my hospital bag! We're also getting the guest bedroom ready for my dad and step-mom who are arriving this Sat and will be staying with us for however long we can convince them to stay. I'm soooo excited, I haven't seen them since Jan 2008!

This week's belly... getting bigger and starting to get a faint brown line above the belly button now. Notice my Michelin cankles?

I'll end this with a "baby loves funk" video. We watched Glee for the first time last night and baby went crazy when he heard the funk tune.


  1. You are truly beautiful, cankles and all :)

  2. Beautiful! I am so jealous of your tiny little brown line! I had a black magic marker line!!! and, it has still only faded to a lighter brown line. I'm wondering if it will ever go away!!!! Oh well.

    The midwife and hospital sounds great. You are there! Any day now....(so frustrating! but its all up to your little guy now!).

  3. I am so glad you made the switch! I am praying that you get one of the birth tub rooms when you go into labor. Bummer about nursery pics!!! I can't wait to see it!!! ;0P Oh my goodness!! No stretch marks! That is awesome! Both of my kiddos came at the point you're at right now. Any day now!!! Just so I know, how are you handling visitation?

  4. You continue to look great! But I will say, the belly movement is slightly creepy. In a good way, of course!! It just reminds me of "Alien" or something. I was once in a meeting with a very pregnant co-worker, and the baby was really moving around. Her sweater looked like it might just walk right off of her. It was pretty funny, it a sorta creepy way.

    Seven will be here so soon! I can't wait for you both to meet him!

  5. Looking great. Can't believe you're almost ready to have seven.
    My brown line is still here 3 months later. Wondering if it will ever fade.

  6. 2 exciting!!! And your 'birthing arrangements' sound great. Love the funk video...and those cankles, glad I missed that part of pg!? :) Smiles, Heidi

  7. WOW!! That belly is amazing! You look like a pregnant doll! Your pics exude happiness and you are simply beaming! I have been up since 5:10 cleaning, weeding, planting, and packing! I am SO SO SO excited! Dad is running around mowing everything as short as possible! Hang in there, Seven! Gpa and Gma will be there in TWO DAYS!!! Much Love and Big Hugs, Mom2 and Dad

    p.s. Can't wait for dad to see him dance to Glee he cries.

  8. WHOA. The countdown is REALLY on!!!!! Almost in the single digits now, sista! Heck, you could already BE in the single digits!!! :0)

    Glad to hear you have had such a positive experience with your doula and the mid-wives! That is awesome-- and I'm sure is comforting to feel prepared and at peace with your decision.

    Can't WAIT to see the nursery! It's going to look amazing, I'm sure. I'm starting to feel the panic of all that has to be done in the next 3 months... But one day at a time. You sound well prepared.

    Love the video! Colton is moving around like that too, but I'm sure Seven's movement is MUCH more impressive in person!! The rolling and shifting and kickboxing is such an amazing feeling. So glad he's active and healthy!

    Love to you, almost Momma! So EXCITED!

    The Other Jill

  9. Wow it really is close when you look at it in days!!!

    Can't wait to see the nursery finished.

    Glad you're feeling comfortable with your move to the new group/ really is amazing what birthing rooms looks like these days. Ours both were very big and Yes, those beds are amazing what they can do....I had mine in every position possible. Do the rooms also have the hidden panel in the ceiling that the lights drop down out of???

    Awesome that your dad is coming for a visit....hope he's able to stay until after baby is born!

  10. You better get that bag packed Sis. Rachel surprised me and was 2 weeks early, don't want you caught off guard. Can't wait, you're looking great!
    Love ya


  11. I can't believe you're almost done! It seems like you jumped from 30 wks to 38wks in one week! And I have to say that I got very emotional when I saw these photos, just to see how far you've come and you're in the home stretch...I can't wait to see that baby boy in the photos with you. The birthing facility sounds awesome, and glad you like your doula. I know its hard to do, especially at this point, but try to get as much rest as possible. Let others help you with laundry and putting things away. He won't wear or use everything the first week. :) So wish I could be there to help you, I love you and miss you.

  12. Tee hee about glee! I LOVE glee. You should watch all the earlier episodes on the internet. Or at least the last few episodes on hulu. That can be something to distract you in early labor! We can have a cankles contest. Since I've got until July 25th for them to keep getting bigger, I'm thinking I'm going to "win".... Oh well. My second friend had her baby yesterday (planned c-section), and the third one's baby has apparently dropped, and her cervix has softened even though she's only 36 weeks. Everyone's going early here in NC!

  13. I'm so glad your doula and midwife are awesome! I can't wait to hear how it all goes! You are possibly the most adorable person ever ;)

  14. Hey! This is Sam's mom from church. What a WONDERFUL blog! I'm so glad that you and Kerry are sharing your story and I'm very glad to be included in that. I LOVE the baby funk video, it looks like Baby will be a dancer like Mommy and Daddy! :) I'll be praying for you over the next few weeks, may you experience an abundance of peace as you wait in anticipation! Can't wait to hear the good news!

    Take care,

  15. 7 days left now ahhhh!! come on baby!! we can't wait to meet you.

  16. Hi Jill and Kerry!

    Your pictures are beautiful! I just got a call from your Mom...your water broke...YEA!!!!!!!

    I'm on stand-by for your Mom because I think she's going to be a basket case-lol! She's already emotionally excited-me too!

    Good luck Mama Pickle and Daddy and congratulations!

    My thoughts and prayers and love are with you all!

    Love always and a day...Aunt Carol


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