Wednesday, June 2, 2010

37 Weeks

21 days to go, yikes!  I'm officially full-term now.  I'd have to say full-figured as well!

Everything is going really well except I look like the Michelin Man's wife from waist down.  The swelling is ridiculous and is making it hard to walk.  I've gained 6 lbs in 1 week and 11 lbs in 2 weeks.  That's a lot of extra fluid!  I spend my days after work in bed with my feet elevated above my heart.  Sometimes Kerry will stop by and squeegee my feet and legs.  It takes several hours to get the swelling to go down and only 15 mins of sitting/standing before it returns.  This may be TMI, but I'm going to tell you because no one, nor no book warned me of this... pg induced edema not only affects your legs and feet, it can also cause extreme swelling in your lady bits!  But the good thing is that my blood pressure is nice and low and the swelling is even, so it just a nuisance at this time.

I've been watching for pre-labor signs.  So far I have 2.  Constipation has changed to loose bowels.  You really wanted to know that didn't you!  A few people have told me that the baby has dropped a little.  I can't really tell as it doesn't feel any different yet.  That's it so far.

I had my 1st midwife appt and it went well.  I was given the freedom to ask as many questions as I wanted and never felt rushed.  She checked the heartbeat which was nice and strong.  He's still head down.  She said she believes that he's dropped some as my upper belly is soft.  They don't check the cervix at every visit because they don't like risking infection or prematurely rupturing the membranes, so I don't know if my cervix is effacing or dilating.  She said there's really no way to know at this time if I will go early or late.  She then said she'd see me in a week.  We feel like we totally made the right move.  It's such a different mindset.  I was treated like I'm about to go through a natural process instead of some procedure.  As long as the baby is doing well, the mom is completely catered to and their goal is to give you the birth you desire and the support to make it happen.  They have OB staff on hand should anything go wrong, so I feel I'm getting the best of both worlds.

We've started our perineum massage.  Our first time was quite a fiasco.  This is when we discovered that it wasn't just my feet and legs that were swollen.  Kerry just couldn't get over how well endowed I had become and I'm sure you could imagine his hilarious comments.  It wasn't long before I was laughing hysterically, coughing uncontrollably all while stuck on my back like a turtle.  The massage ended abruptly when I peed on him.  Never a dull moment around here!  We've gotten our technique down now though I do have to say that I do not enjoy this at all.  But this has got to be better than an episiotomy or major tearing.  I just hope this works and isn't all for nothing.

We've made good progress on the nursery this week.  We finished the stripes, chair rail moulding and painted all the trim.  Kerry is bringing home the rest of the nursery furniture tomorrow.  I am soooo stinkin' excited to finally be able to put this room together!

I've started on the hospital bag.  I haven't actually packed anything, but have made a comprehensive list of everything I want to take and started buying the things I don't have like a robe and nursing tank.  I have the baby's bag packed.  Here's his hospital outfits I bought for him.  I was so excited to find blue/brown giraffe outfits:

This week's HUGE belly:

We had our maternity photos done.  I'll post a few as soon as I receive them.  That's all for now!


  1. The painting looks great!! I can't believe your almost there! Wow FuLL Term! So glad everything is going well. I had the swelling too. Ahh I don't miss that! Remember that I had gotten sick after having Carley and had to go back in the hospital? I lost over 40lbs in 4 days! All water weight! Crazy huh? Remember to get plenty of rest everyday!!! It won't be long now and you don't want to go into the big event tired!


  2. Wow! Your belly is amazing! And gorgeous.

    Just had to let you know that I did the perineum massage for my first birth and I had absolutely no tearing, not even a graze, so keep it up, even if it feels rather strange! I also did it for subsequent births, and I've never had any tearing at all.

    I can't believe you little boy will be here soon!

    Looking forward to seeing your maternity pics.


  3. You look fantastic and so does the nursery! Hard to say who/which looks better !!!

    Re: the perineum're so good to do it ahead of time and you'll probably be okay because of it. That being said, if you need to have an episiotomy done, don't stress about it. I had to have one even with my little 4lb babies and it wasn't a big deal (really) and the healing was so much easier and better than tearing. They won't just do one but if you need one to get little Seven out, than it will just be a little minor blip in an otherwise awesome experience.

    I've been thinking about potential names for ya at the back of my mind and I have another suggestion for you - how about Steven? It's 1 letter away from "Seven" and it's normal sounding and the significance is know to you two without giving your kid some weird name. Just a thought!

  4. Nice belly! Love the stripes and look forwrd to seeing the finished product.
    I didn't use much of what I brought to hospital, but didn't realize that I needed to bring my own pads and diapers to use on the postpartum floor. In particular, I lived in the hospital gown (tied open to the front) for the whole time I was there to facilitate lots of skin-to-skin contact for breastfeeding and bonding. Didn't put real clothes on till I went home. Nor did baby wear anything but hospital blankets (and the little hospital night shirt maybe once) for the same reason.
    Glad to hear seven made it to full term!

  5. WOWIE!!! This is the home stretch-- I'm so happy for you!!!
    The nursery looks GREAT!! I can't wait to see the pics with the furniture and decor going up... Have you gotten all the sewing done that you wanted to? I know it's going to look adorable when you get it put together.
    I will HAVE to have Bryan read about the massage... he is going to bust a gut! (he gets home tomorrow--yippee!) I want him to get the technique down tho, as I don't want to deal with a tear or an episiotomy either. Ugh.
    Your belly looks beautiful-- can't wait to see those maternity pics. Such an exciting time... it's becoming real-- there will be a little BOY in the house in just a few short weeks! Hopefully you can take it easy and keep the swelling down... I'm sure you're thankful to be finished with this part BEFORE the hot summer arrives in full force. We'll see how well my lower half fairs in July and August- yikes.
    Love to you, Kerry & Seven,
    The Other Jill

  6. Yay! Yay! Yay! I am so excited for you!!! I love the room. Your belly looks amazing! and even better- yay for having 2 labor symptoms. I think its better to go before than after your due date...the waiting gets so ANNOYING!!! BTW..even if you were effaced and dilated, there is no proof that you will go earlier than later, so your office is doing the "right" thing as I believe it! I am so jealous of your midwife practice that also has OBs! Definitely the best of both worlds!

    BTW..the outfits are adorable! I don't think his little head will fit in that hat though (we have the pink version and it is still a little big on Teagan's head). So, just warning you about that:-) They are smaller than I expected!

  7. Too funny about your lady bits! My swelling hasn't gotten that bad, I don't think, but maybe it will soon? Meanwhile, I encourage you to go for walks when you get home from work if you can. The effect of the walking isn't immediate, but overnight my swelling goes down way more if I walked that day than if I didn't. By the way, the first of my friends had her baby already! She went into labor at 38w1d. I don't know if the baby was born Tuesday or yesterday, but as soon as I find out, I'll post it on my blog.

    Jill N

  8. Your nursery looks great! I can't wait to see everything put together! I'm so excited for you guys!

    I'm glad you have switched to a midwife. It soulds like you are much more comfortable with the whole process now.

    How about a name???

  9. Those walls look amazing! Well done!

    And I almost spit out my water when I read that you peed on Kerry. ROTFLMAO! Ah, gotta love the dedicated husband!

    You look great, Jill. I'm so excited to virtually meet little Seven soon!

  10. It looks so nice to see "FULL TERM"!!!!! Woo hoo!!!! I didn't know anything about the perineum massage when I had my two. I had to have a very small episiotomy with both of mine and I don't remember it being too bad. Still, avoiding it would be great!

    Today is Alyssa's birthday so she will be 7 when little 7 is born. LOL. So there is another seven!!! ;0P I'm getting soooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. What a belly!!! You look so cute as does the nursery! A week from today, we'll be on our way! Cannot wait to rub that belly! Dad got a chuckle reading your post this week.

    Love, Mom2 & Dad

  12. Hehe on the "lady bits" swelling....very could have a varicose vein down there (VERY common)...I had one:(

    Love the "coming home outfits"...very cute!

    A good way to tell if you've dropped is that your belly high up will feel mushy and not hard and it will appear as though your belly button is pointing down towards the floor. You'll also notice that you can breathe WAY better than you have been.

    It won't be long now and I can't wait to hear all about the birth!

  13. Hi Jill,

    I had visited your blog a long while back and then completely forgot abt it. Then I rediscovered it. I'm so happy for you. Your story has given me so many hopes. Like you, I've had 3 IVF and 1 FET cyles, all BFN. Never seen a positive even once. So, to know that you were able to get pregnant and now are almost there gives me so much hope and joy! Congrats to both of you!



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