Thursday, October 9, 2008

IVF#3 - Test Results


I finally got a few results back, nothing too exciting, but never the less, it’s a tiny step forward.

These are the results from my blood work at my ob/gyn’s office:

Varicella Zoster: I am immune to chicken pox… could have told them that, not easy to forget that poultry.

Thyroid: normal… Hooray because that would have held me up!

CBC (complete blood count): all normal except I have mild anemia. I missed the normal range by 0.8. I was shocked as I’ve never had it before and my prenatal that I’ve been on for 3 years has 167% iron. But after a little research I think I figured it out. I found that baby aspirin is probably the culprit. I’ve been taking one a day for the last 7 months as they say it helps blood flow to the reproductive organs. But since it’s also a blood thinner, it made my blood a little too thin. Out the window it goes. I think I could fill a landfill with everything I've tried to help get me pregnant!

It will probably be another couple of weeks for the chromosome analysis results. Oh I hope I'm normal!!!

I haven’t heard a single word from CCRM which has been very frustrating. While in Denver, we left a nice box of chocolates on my ivf nurse’s desk as a thank you... no acknowledgement, no thank you. Maybe she doesn't appreciate brown-nosers, but I’m down grading my love to just like.

2 weeks till the dreaded HSG (dye test to check tubes). It will be fun, it WILL be fun!

That’s it folks, I told you it wouldn’t be too exciting.

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