Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tyler: 31 Months

December 24, 2012-January 23, 2013 (30 to 31 months old)

Tyler's life this month in bullet points:
  • He thoroughly enjoyed Christmas this year. Every present he opened was preceded with "what's inside mommy, what's inside daddy?".
  • He can count backwards from 10 to 1. It always ends with "blast off!".
  • He shocked us at the car dealership. He was sitting in the backseat while the service guy was showing us how to pair our phone to the car's audio system. All of a sudden he said really fast "sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday". The service guy said "how old is he???", we just stood there dumbfounded.
  • He cut his 2nd 2yr molar. This wasn't near as bad as the 1st one and only gave us one day of grief vs 2 weeks on the 1st one.
  • The kid knows how to get my phone, go to youtube, find his videos, play them and skip the ads. I always know when he has gotten ahold of my phone because I hear "Skip ad!!!!". He despises those ads and has his finger ready to click "skip ad" as soon as it lets him.
  • He is soooo sweet! He's always asking for hugs and kisses, tells me night night, I wuv you, I wuv you more, sweet dreams mommy, more hugs and kisses?
  • He's starting to read by phonic. We had a bunch of wooden letter outs and put a few words in front of him and he started sounding them out. Fffffff oooo xxxx, Fff oo xxx, Fox!!!!!

Frequent things he's saying this month:
  • Hi my daddy!
  • Punk a$$ (aka pump gas, aka gas pump, glad I figured this one out as I didn't like being called a punk a$$, lol!)
  • Hugs and kisses? Hugs and kisses?
  • I wuv it so much! (usually referring to his cars)
  • Good job! (while giving 2 thumbs up)

Things that made us smile or cracked us up this month:
  • Mimi and Tyler were eating some soup. Mimi picked up her bowl and drank from it to finish it off. Tyler said "Mimi drinks food like I drink water!".
  • I was pretending to drink orange juice from his wooden orange juice carton and Tyler said "don't drink too much mommy!".
  • Tyler was at Mimi's all day. They usually don't turn the tv on, but he was getting restless so they turned it on, went to cartoons and tried to find something age appropriate. Mimi said "can you believe Alvin and the chipmunks is for age 6?". Papa looked at Tyler and said "are you 6 yet?" Tyler said "no, I'm 2, goodbye TV".
  • Mimi held Tyler over the big potty and he said "don't let me fall in Mimi!".
  • Kerry fell asleep on Tyler's bedroom floor. Tyler went over, shook him and yelled "wake up you silly stuff!".
  • Kerry was going up the stairs growling and when he got to the top, Tyler giggled hysterically and said "that's so cute!".
  • Kerry went pee and when he came out of the bathroom Tyler said "good job daddy, I'm so proud of you for peeing in the potty".
  • We were sitting on the couch when all of a sudden Tyler went running across the living room yelling "pee, hurry Tyler, pee, hurry Tyler!!!".
  • I said to Tyler after he went potty, "wow that's a lot of pee Tyler", he chuckled and said "you're silly mommy!".
  • I was singing to Tyler's music video, he looked at me and said no, stop singing! Then he went over to Kerry and asked him to dance. Yeah, my singing is that bad!
  • Tyler was playing in his play kitchen and said "ouch that is hot, I need a glove". I gave him a rather old (had it since I was a teen) oven glove and he said "that's icky mommy, you need to get a new one".
  • Austin stopped by and asked Tyler if he could have a hug and Tyler said "yes, you sure can Austin".
  • Tyler looked at Gpa's hair and said "what's my (aka your) hair doing? Is it messy?".
  • Kerry missed his turn and slid, Ty said from his carseat "be careful daddy!".
  • Tyler had the following conversation between 2 Tow Maters; "Hi, do you want to be friends?", "Yes, my name's Tow Mater", "My name is Tow Mater too!!!". He even changed his voice for each car.
  • Tyler tooted at Sam's and said "I'm farting in my butt!". I made the mistake of chuckling. He then proceeding to yell this over and over throughout the entire store.
And for the final 2 that left us laughing for days.....
  • While holding Tyler as he was drifting off to sleep, I tooted, wait... no, that's putting it too mild after having bean soup 2 nights in a row, I farted (if that bothers you, get over it, you fart too) and Tyler said "I just heard a monster come out your booty!". 
  • Kerry walked in the door from work and Tyler went running towards him yelling "Daddy, what's wrong with my teetee?". He then pulled his pants down and showed Kerry. Kerry (with a deer in the headlights look) said "it's ok son, it's just full and it will go down after you pee", and that was their first father-son talk.

Potty Training:

I haven't really blogged about this much as I had planned on putting it in a separate post. It really helped me when we started potty training to read of other's trial and errors and I wanted to provide that for others following us. My hope is to still put that together, but since I'm getting pretty far behind, I thought I would provide a quick review and update.

We attempted the 3 Day Potty Training method at 21.5 months because the book said the magic age was 22 months. After 21 days of my child peeing all over the place, I broke and put him back in diapers. I will go into more details on this method in a separate post.

At 25 months, he decided he was done with diapers. Within a few days, he was day and outing trained pretty effortlessly. Now I don't think that would have been the case had we not gone through the 21 days mentioned above, so maybe it wasn't in vain.

He doesn't look too thrilled here but this is always followed by him clapping and yelling "yeah, I did it!".

Pooping took a little longer to get down but was pooped trained by 27-28 months. Night time is hit or miss and has been the biggest hurdle. Some nights he remains dry all night, other nights he wets the bed twice.

Here's where we are today. I left him sleeping on his couch one time and was shocked to find him on the video monitor peeing all by himself after he woke.

After a few days of observing this, I realized it was time to convert his crib to the next stage so that he could get out of bed and go to the potty. Bye bye crib, sniff sniff!

Hello big boy bed!


Well, sorta, still working on night time. When he's not in a deep sleep, he gets up and goes by himself and then we go up and help him get his pants back up. But when he is in a deep sleep, he pees and continues sleeping soaking wet without missing a beat. We've tried many many different things to help with this, which again, I'll provide more details in a separate post.

Here he is about to get a reward. I love how he says "I better close my eyes and hold out my hands!" while giggling with pure excitement.

He had fun teaching Scout how to go potty:

Getting wipes

Wiping his booty

 Throwing away the dirty wipes

He was really loving taking care of Scout. He was talking to him, hugging him, saying "I wuv you so much Scout, I wuv you", taking him to the potty (asked me where's his teetee?), putting him to bed, covering him with a blanket, asking him if he wants to play cars, taking him down the slide and reading to him. It was so adorable for the one day it lasted.

This month in photos:

Mr. Potato Head glasses

His new trike from Mimi (love how he wears sunglasses upside down!)

Mmmm, spinach smoothie!

He loves to do dishes!

We couldn't find our small pan, little man had taken it to wash it in his own sink.

A visit from Gpa and Gma:

You know Gma's in the house when you see these on his cheeks!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Those last two funnies had me cracking up!!!

    Good job on the big boy bed! That was always bittersweet for me too.

  2. Love!! Thanks for continuing to post... I always read them even if I don't post a comment.

    Love that kiddo. So fun to watch him grow and learn, and see what's coming up for Colton! You have us beat on potty training for sure. Soooooon, I hope. ;)

    Love from Missouri!

  3. Gma looks like she was up all night potty training! LOL "Lay on the couch 2 minutes, Gma?" Miss you so much, Tyler. You are such an angel and we love you! Gpa & Gma


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