Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tyler: Week 9 (2 Months Old)

August 18-August 24, 2010 (8w-8w6d days old)


It's been a great week in the pain dept, all blocked ducts are cleared up and nipple pain is gone.  It's been a bad week in the supply dept.  I went a few times too many without emptying due to out running errands.  Supply and demand is soooo touchy.  So I ordered a car cigarette lighter adapter for my double electric pump so I could pump while out.  I gave it a whirl this week.  It worked wonderfully and was so much more efficient than the manual pump.  Now if I can just manage to not get caught!  It helped, my supply is back up, now to keep it up...


Wow, cloth diapering has been quite the learning experience, it's like a whole other world.  So many products, brands and methods to sort through.  A lot of trial and error goes into discovering what works best for your baby.  I've been spending a lot of time troubleshooting leak issues and deciding which product works best for us.  I get a lot of testing time as Tyler wets his diaper every single hour.  It is a lot of work initially, but I believe once I get this down it will be well worth it.

This week's leak report:

BumGenius AIO:  1 out of 12 leaked
BumGenius Pocket:  4 out of 13 leaked
Thirsties Pocket:  0 out of 2 leaked
Thirsties Wrap with Stay-Dry Insert:  4 out of 5 leaked
Thirsties Wrap with GroBaby Insert:  0 of 1 leaked
GroBaby:  0 out of 13 leaked
GroBaby Shell with Thirsties Stay-Dry Insert:  0 of 1 leaked

BumGenius is still my favorite dipe so far.  I'm not crazy about GroBaby, only because they are so bulky, but I've had the least amount of leaks with them, so hard not to like them.  I've had the worst luck with Thirsties and have decided to part ways.  While a lot of people like these, they just don't work for my little guy.

Tyler Update:

Tyler turned 2 months old on Aug 23, time is flying by wayyyyy too fast!

He started drooling and blowing raspberries after seeing his girlfriend Savannah do this.

He started cooing.  The sounds are very soft and oh so sweet.  Many times his mouth makes the movement but no sound comes out.

He's starting to get small creases on his wrists, the start of fat rolls.

He loves sleeping on our chests.  Mama gets nothing done during these times as I just can't bare to move him.

He's starting to sleep on his back with both arms above his head.  He's losing a little bit of his scrunched up fetal position and starting to stretch out a little more.

We put him to sleep in his crib at night time once just to see how well he would handle it.  He slept for 3 hrs and then was ready to nurse.  Nice to know he's willing to sleep in his crib.

We put him in the church nursery during service for the first time.  He never moved an inch and slept the entire time.  Mama couldn't wait to go pick him up afterwards.  Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Size 1 disposable diapers are now fitting him.

He weighs 9lb8oz.

Show and Tell:

We got together with 2 of the couples from our childbirth class.  It was so much fun meeting the babies and watching them look at each other.  We decided to get together once a month and let the babes play together.

From left to right:  Matilda (1 month old), Tyler (2 months old) and Toby (3 months old).  It's funny that the youngest is the biggest and has the most hair.

We had a fun visit with Tarryn, her mom and Tyler's girlfriend Savannah.  Tyler loved watching Savannah and spent most of the time starring at her and mimicking her.  Savannah couldn't keep her hands off of him, she even reached over and held his hand a couple of times.  The 3 of us mothers were like the baby paparazzi, surrounding them snapping photo after photo and shooting video.

We also got a visit from the Zenker's.  Here's their beautiful daughter holding Tyler.

A couple of cute pics of Tyler snoozing:

This is Tyler sitting in the backseat after nursing while mama was getting decent again.  I told him to keep a watch out the window and let me know if anyone was coming.

And lastly, a montage of silly faces:

Mama Update:

Still not enough hours in the day.  I started making myself a list of 5 things I want to get done each day and so far have only managed to get a max of 3 done.  One of those items is usually trying to get a shower.  It's crazy how little time you have in between nursing, pumping, sleeping, changing diapers/clothes, soothing and entertaining.  I could not imagine having to work 8 hrs a day on top of this schedule without getting some help.  It's all worth it and I'm sure once we're out of the 4th trimester and get on a schedule, my day will become more organized and less fly by the seat of my pants.

Thank God for Kerry or I'd probably never eat more than 1 meal a day.  He always brings me breakfast and makes sure I have leftovers for lunch and then cooks me dinner.  This is what he brought me the other morning, an omelet and heart shaped strawberries.  How sweet is that!?

As you can see, I'm multitasking; nursing, eating and trying to catch up on email.  I'm getting pretty good at it.  It cracks Kerry up.  One time I was found holding a bottle in Ty's mouth with my water bottle in my mouth and the double pump going.  It's my personal assembly line; water in, milk out, milk in.  Another time I was found leaning over the bed with a boob in Ty's mouth while brushing my teeth.  You have to get creative when you have a little one.

At the request of one of my commenters, here's the BFing while brushing teeth pic. I of course blacked out the girls.


  1. LOL! I need a pic (I think??) of BFing while brushing teeth! that is too funny to imagine!

    He is growing!

  2. OMG! Too too funny Jill! You have made my day! Oral hygiene IS very important, good to pass that along to Tyler. :)

  3. You are toooo funny! Love all the pics!! Carley wants to go play with Tyler now. Trying to tell her that he is to far away really isn't working well!

  4. My husband gives me a hard time when I wander around the house tidying up while brushing my teeth. He would have a field day with this! But way to multitask!
    Tyler is such a cutie. I can't even imagine how much happiness he must bring you guys.

  5. Ohmygoodness LOVE the silly faces pics! He is scrumptious! :-)

  6. I'm strapped to my pump right now and I was enjoying your post so much and then cracked up when I got to the last pic that I didn't notice my pump had filled the container until it started overflowing!! You're doing awesome! I can't believe you have a "to do" list with 5 things on are so organized to get even 3 of those things done! Truth be told a shower is still something I struggle sometimes to get in some days :)

  7. Love reading this each time, I just hate I'm missing out on so much of it first hand.

    Love ya


  8. I too am amazed that you can get ONE thing done, let alone THREE. I still can't get three things done during the day with these two kiddos. You will be amazed how much you get into a routine when he's between 6 to 8 months old....for most moms that's when things start to settle down a little bit and you feel more "normal".

    To tell you the honest truth, my house NEVER stays clean with kids. In fact, I find it VERY hard to clean house at all. I think it truly is VERY rare to find a "super mom" out there who can do it all. Especially when they work full time. Most moms I know that work, pay for house keepers once or twice a week! Heck I even know stay at home moms that do it. Must be nice to have all that money....LOL

    Love your multi-tasking pics...isn't it amazing how good us moms get at that?

    Tyler is getting so big, WOW! I have NEVER seen a baby make such funny faces.....that cracks me up!

    Hang in there with the CD will find what works for YOU!

  9. LOVE IT!! You are doing so well with keeping us updated. :0) Not to worry about the 5 things per day... you'll eventually work up to it. But you are doing the most IMPORTANT things now-- tending to your sweet lil' babe. You're right, the time will continue to go too fast, so enjoy it!
    Kudos to Kerry for keeping you eating!! I bet he can't wait to get home from work to see his two favorite people.
    Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend... I am hoping to LABOR during the weekend!! :0)
    The Other Jill

  10. Love that last pic! Sorry BF is still tough, but kudos to you for hanging in there!

  11. So cute...oh my gosh...I laughed so hard at the last pic. We have a similar one - I'm BFing her in the car, hanging over her car seat like a well-seasoned yoga instructor. LOL. You are an inspiration with this detailed updates! I love them.


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill